Ecstatic Dance with DJ CJ at Earthdance!

You are invited to come dance, move, stretch, release and recharge ~ Come as you are ~ Let’s co-create a safe place to get into our bodies and celebrate the begins of Fall!

A space to reflect and harvest all the goodness and growth of the Summer. A space to feel free in our bodies and express our desires in through movement in the moment. Sharing a dance with each other and the trees as they begin their beautiful transitions.


Potluck at 6:30pm, Opening Circle starts at 7:30pm

Dance: $20 – $80

Potluck: Bring a dish to share OR donate $10-$15

Sauna (with 2 towel rental): $10

Overnight in our Gratitude Lodge: If you wish to extend your visit and stay overnight: A dorm bed in our Gratitude Lodge is $40. (Rental of sheets and towel is $15) * Includes access to the sauna and kitchen use but does not provide food. 

COVID Precautions

No specific requirements on vaccination status are needed to attend this event. Please take adequate measures to limit your exposure in the days before. If you are feeling sick, or have a known close exposure to someone with COVID in the past 5 days, please sit this one out to keep the community well. 

Earthdance’s buildings are ADA accessible. More info here.

Earthdance’s Jam Guidelines

Earthdance’s Nudity Policy



CJ is a multi instrumentalist, collaborator and producer with a burning passion for listening, playing and creating music of all forms! Growing up in the greater Boston area, he has worked as an audio engineer and played in multiple rock, funk and ska bands. With a vast understanding of the electronic genre umbrella and involvement in dance and movement events, his understanding of rhythm and flow is felt through his performances. Now living in the hills of Western Mass his music style focuses on harmony with nature and playing with the sounds of the forest. Connected to the moment of improvisation ~ his talents revolve around feeling into an environment and enhancing it with sonic frequencies

Nomadic College is coming to Earthdance! Registration is Now Open!


Venue for the study of The Axis Syllabus

– fundamentals, theory and inquiry
– complementary applications for the Axis Syllabus
– more athletic challenge
– high-power training / fundamentals / creative expression


The NC is an itinerant school for the principle study and application of the Axis Syllabus. Rather than a festival, or celebration, The NC is what it’s title suggests, an intensive study context. The study of the AS is meant to empower the individual to defend and promote their own health and the health of those they might be responsible for, in other words to sponsor responsible autonomy.

Check out the Teachers

Frey Faust / Nuria Bowart 


Conscientiousness towards commitments, self organization and voluntary participation. As below, so above.

As organizers, we seek to adapt and integrate the NC into the local conditions we find at the venue. The living and working conditions we search for are as low cost as possible, to permit as many people as possible to participate for as long as possible. These options usually entail communal living, which offers an opportunity to practice practical coordination/collaboration, mutual respect and the mature maintenance of hygiene. Participants arrive with the awareness that they are expected to take initiative to alter their circumstances if unsatisfactory, to conserve their health and strength for the intensive demands of the study of the Axis Syllabus and adapt to the challenges inherent in sharing spaces and resources. If people have the means, they are always welcome to organize living spaces for themselves.

At the NC, we organize a few pre-scheduled extra curricular events. Our idea is to leave time open for spontaneous initiatives. Alternative meetings, conferences, jams or performances can be organized on a consent basis with/among the participants during the NC.

The participants registration is considered a binding contract, which should only be altered or broken in case of serious illness or acts of God. Once the registration has been confirmed, the participant may not change class or request reimbursement if they change their minds on impulse later.

Participants who go through the process to confirm their registration, but do not keep their commitments later, will be asked to pay all chosen class fees the following year or risk being banned from future editions of NC.

True to our ethic of sponsoring responsible community behavior, as well as maintaining the NC prices low, all participants will be expected to participate in general clean up and maintenance of the common areas. We generally choose our team members from participants who are the most helpful and responsible.

Class time (and possibly meals) are the ONLY organized obligatory time, giving the participant full license to organize social moments, offer each other their healing expertise or practical counsel, hang out or exchange with whomever they choose.

The 3 to 4 week curricular arc of the NC usually starts with details and micro moments in the first week, gradually becoming longer and more demanding motifs and phrases through the second and third, ending with a renewed look at detail, and a creative laboratory meant to give time and space for the guided development of a personal practice or performative ideas.

Course Dates & Prices:

Week I- October 2nd- 7th

Week II- October 9th- 14th

Morning Warm Up – Monday through Saturday, 1 hour / day – $60/week                       

Regular Workshop – Monday through Saturday, 2 hours / day – $140/week                                             

Evening warm down – Monday through Saturday, 1 hour / day – $60/week

Mentoring Space Access – Monday through Saturday, 1.5 hour / day (free for those who take at least two 12 hr workshops per week ) – $114/week

Room & Board Prices:

Dorm: $100/day

Camping: $85/day

Commuting: $70/day ($75/day with water/electric hookups for trailers)

Family Constellation Workshop, Potluck and Sauna with Petrus Slaghekke

A kind of “living map,” Family Constellations is a unique, phenomenological approach that invites you to make peace with your past. It is a way of seeing and knowing your history, and discovering what belongs to you and what doesn’t. When you know what belongs to you, the burdens of the past drop away, allowing you to step into a new spaciousness and vitality.

You can find a more in-depth description of what Family Constellations are in this 5-minute video.

Join us for the workshop from 2-5pm. A potluck and option to enjoy the sauna afterward.

Sauna and 2 towel rental is $10 (which will be paid to Earthdance)

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Touch & Play – The Pause: Slow, Soft and Spacious – July 21-26th

Let’s play in spaciousness with one another and with ourselves!

Can we collectively create a space that encourages us to simultaneously mobilize while being still? Connect while resting? Create while integrating? Ground while strengthening? And dance towards prosilience*?

*Prosilience – Where resilience refers to an object’s ability to recover its original form after impact Prosilience implies an actual growth and learning from that impact. It is based on the  concept of antifragility and emphasises humans’ capacity to, under the right circumstance,  bounce back stronger and wiser after being hurt.

We invite you to join us in …The Pause… to collectively hold a space that is slow, soft, and spacious. Explore with us these antidotes to a culture that is always seeking to produce more, faster. Let’s slow down to enjoy rest and integration. Co-regulate and find stillness together so we can soften what we are holding and melt into deeper relation with ourselves, each other and the earth.

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Touch & Play Discovery Weekend!

An intimate space to Dance & Play for the new and old alike!

We invite you to co-create this mini Touch&Play with us as a juicy mix of a community gathering and a great opportunity to join in as a newcomer to the tribe!

During these four days we’ll be setting the space and frame to dance, play and discover the Touch&Play work and community in an intimate gathering of up to 45 people.

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