There are Peter Pan and Greyhound bus stations in Northampton, MA Pittsfield, MA (30min away). Guests most often travel to Northampton. You will then need to find a ride either through sharing a Lyft/Uber with other dancers or find a carpool to Earthdance. Unfortunately, there are no public transportation options to Earthdance.


Closest Airport: Hartford/Springfield, CT: Bradley International Airport.

Options from Bradley International to Northampton include: 

  • Seemo Shuttle from Bradley to Northampton: Shuttle with others: $42 each. Private car: $89 plus 15% for driver. Service hours: From 4:00 am to 1:00
    am. Call 413-586-1120 between the hours of 8AM – 7PM (Mon-Sun) to make a reservation. 
  • Valley Transporter: Shared service arrives at Bradley Airport every hour by quarter past the hour (ie. 8:15) and departs every hour on the half-hour (ie. 8:30). Bradley to Northampton: $57 for one, $25 for second, $15 each additional. Bradley to Earthdance: $132.25 for one, $25 second, $15 each additional (fares include gratuity). Reservations accepted up to 3 months in advance, more notice is better for availability. Service hours: From 5 am to 12:30am. Call (413) 253-1350 to make a reservation (must reserve at least 48 hours in advance).  
  • Taxis from Bradley Airport to Northampton are around $60 and can be shared by up to 4 individuals.
  • Unfortunately, Peter Pan bus line no longer offers service between Bradley Airport and Northampton, MA.

Other airports nearby are Boston (Logan International) and Albany, NY.

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