Spiral & Root: Earthdance Professional CI Training

Welcome to Spiral & Root: Earthdance’s Professional Contact Improvisation Training. For those who are longing for a deep and durational dive into CI research, pedagogy, and professional training, you’re invited to gather with us for three weeks from January 6th through 26th, 2025. 

With eight teachers from Europe, North America, and the Middle East representing some of the highest quality of CI instruction available, this one-of-a kind professional training promises to deliver a container for the continuation of targeted and passionate CI research. 


  • Ray Chung
  • Mirva Makinen
  • Chris Aiken
  • Lani Nahele
  • Itay Yatuv
  • Sarah Young
  • Keith Hennessy
  • Meta Bobbe

Who is this for?

Spiral & Root is a place of meeting and dialogue between elders and newer generations of dancers, facilitating the continued development and evolution of CI. In addition to developing and refining the necessary technical skills for practicing and facilitating CI, this training will likewise focus on career development and for those who wish to further their professional tools, networks, and offerings. This intensive is especially valuable for those who wish to further integrate CI training and research into their careers and practices of community building. Further, there will also be opportunities for dialogue and inquiry around the original values and intentions of CI.

The Venue

As the oldest intentional community founded on Contact Improv, it’s only natural that Earthdance has long been host to some of the most comprehensive and rigorous trainings for teachers and dedicated practitioners of CI. Since its founding in 1986, Earthdance has been committed to a spirit of improvisation and heart-centered community through CI-informed movement practices and research. As CI and notions of community have evolved and developed further, Earthdance has likewise adapted and integrated the changes that have cohered, playing host to countless jams and trainings that further progress the dance form.

Save the Date!

If you feel called to gather with us, please save the dates (January 6th – 26th, 2025) and stay tuned for new updates and announcements. Registration opens in early April. If you have any questions, feel free to write to citraining@earthdance.net .

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