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is an arts, dance, & movement organization and retreat center in Western Massachusetts, on unceded, ancestral Nipmuck, Pocumtuc and Wabanaki Confederacy Land. Earthdance welcomes guests from around the world to engage in events that center movement and embodied practice, Contact Improvisation, and collaborative art making.

The staff and board of directors are committed to an organizational culture that values interdisciplinary collaboration, improvisational community building, and ongoing devotion to equity, access and direct response to the realities of a greater socio-cultural landscape.

Earthdance is dedicated to building awareness of sustainable living and community building; in addition to arts-focused programming, the facility is available for partnerships with other organizations, institutions, festivals, and rentals that align with Earthdance’s values and culture.

Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops

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Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation

A form central to Earthdance & practiced around the world
Artist Residencies & Retreats

Artist Residencies & Retreats

Opportunities for creative exchange +/or focused practice


History. Challenges. Gathering. Connection.

Earthdance Events

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Work and Dance Community Weekend to Beautify Earthdance!

Join us in beautifying, fixing, community building and dancing at Earthdance! We’ll work together during the day to help maintain and rebuild Earthdance, while dancing together in the evenings. If you have any carpentry, electrical, permaculture, or any skills that you think Earthdance would benefit from, please don't be shy, we'd love your help!

Butoh and Noguchi Taiso Training with Julie Becton Gillum

Dancers, actors, martial artists, yoga practitioners and anyone interested in exploring their own personal capacity for movement expression is welcome to join Butoh and Noguchi Taiso Training. This training is appropriate for all levels.

Community Collaborative COCO Jam – Details To Come!

What is a COCO Jam? Community Collaborative Jams are a new and unfolding program concept at Earthdance which launched in early 2022. This new programming thread was driven by the desire for more opportunities to dance CI and to connect with the community in smaller containers.

SAVE THE DATE! SUMMER JAM! June 29th – July 2nd Jam & July 2-5th Integration Days – More Details to Come!

SAVE THE DATE! SUMMER JAM! June 29th - July 2nd Jam & July 2-5th CI Collaborative Lab - More Details to Come!

Third Sunday of the Month Jam at Earthdance

The long-time tradition of Sunday CI Jams has returned to Earthdance! Come for a class beforehand, or just for the jam. Stay for the sauna and potluck dinner! Registration not required.

Breathwork Journey and Live Music with Jordan Grinstein and Char Malin followed by potluck integration.

Liberate your true nature and core connection to wellness through the brilliant power of breath. An active, heart-centered and body-informed meditation, breathwork invokes an ecstatic experience that strengthens your connection to the part of you that knows how to heal, beneath any patterns and chronically held tension in the body.

Countertechnique® Class with Maya LaLiberté

The Countertechnique® class is a contemporary dance technique class. It stretches, coordinates and strengthens the body, making the dancer sweat, build stamina and really move. The class starts with a recurring set of exercises, allowing dancers to investigate the Countertechnique® principles in detail.

An Introduction to Somatic Healing with Parts Work with Mandy Snyder

An Introduction to Somatic Healing with Parts Work with Mandy Snyder Join others on the path of self-discovery in a supportive workshop for attending to our inner world.  Drawing from IFS (Internal Family Systems), also called Parts Work, this workshop is about rooting into our centered self, that inner witness, and attending to the parts of us that hold difficult emotional and mental states, such as depression, anxiety, judgment, and jealousy, from a place of curiosity.

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More Ways to be Here

Host Your Event

With a unique combination of mixed-used indoor & outdoor facilities, Earthdance provides an ideal setting for workshops, conferences, and special events that seek a combination of focus, celebration, and intimate connection.

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Personal Retreats: Earthdance is a beautiful and inspiring place to rest & retreat.

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Mineral Collecting: Visit the old Betts Mine site to look for minerals.

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The Value of Earthdance

A relaxing and rigorous environment, that values the pace of the body and the richness of the soul.

Lila H.

What I Learned

Inspired by a community of teachers dedicated to seeking the moving and sublime truths of existence I learned to call on my name as Artist and Dancer.

Michelle L.

Why I Donate

Earthdance is a gem in the firmament!  It holds space for deep exploration of one’s current investigation and supports our light spirit as well.

Ted J.

I Love

Part of my joy is just knowing that it’s here, even if I don’t use it as much as I would like.  It’s like a local home of the larger dance community.  A place to meet and re-meet friends.  A place to get physical contact in times when that’s missing from my life – a connection.  A place to express emotion. A place I’m proud to introduce people to as a physical center for my community of people.  It allows people to have a place  for the stream of community members that come and go through out lives.  A place of nurturing – be it food, touch, talk, dance.