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is an arts, dance, & movement organization and retreat center in Western Massachusetts, on unceded, ancestral Nipmuck, Pocumtuc and Wabanaki Confederacy Land. Earthdance welcomes guests from around the world to engage in events that center movement and embodied practice, Contact Improvisation, and collaborative art making.

The staff and board of directors are committed to an organizational culture that values interdisciplinary collaboration, improvisational community building, and ongoing devotion to equity, access and direct response to the realities of a greater socio-cultural landscape.

Earthdance is dedicated to building awareness of sustainable living and community building; in addition to arts-focused programming, the facility is available for partnerships with other organizations, institutions, festivals, and rentals that align with Earthdance’s values and culture.

Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops

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Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation

A form central to Earthdance & practiced around the world
Artist Residencies & Retreats

Artist Residencies & Retreats

Opportunities for creative exchange +/or focused practice


History. Challenges. Gathering. Connection.

Earthdance Events

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Form & Imagination: CI Training with Tal Shibi and Sarah Konner + COCO Jam

This training will give time to create common physical language while also allowing dancers to find personal choice making. This Spring Training and Creation Lab is an invitation for dancers and movers to explore the language and strategies of CI in the context of composition, choreography and performance. Then we will take this theme into the COCO jam weekend.

Spring Jam! with hosts Lilianna Kane and Anna Vomacka

In honor of Springtime, we will return to foundations - laying fertile ground for rebirth and re-entry into committed and focused Contact Improvisation. We will let go of what no longer serves us, and metamorphosize our practices.

Being With: Axis Syllabus Weekend hosted by Kerwin Barrington and Claire Turner Reid

In this workshop we will explore Being With our bodies through dance. Our movement investigations will bring us through varied terrain of inquiry: bridging instinctive, intuitive, and intellectual ways of being with. How can we orient towards intimacy and interconnectivity for the long-game of our moving lives?

Introduction to Mask Weekend with Akil Apollo Davis – Registration Coming Soon!

Whether you’re stepping onto this path for the first time or you’re a seasoned traveler in the realm of masks, this will be a unique and immersive experience on your quest for knowledge, creative self-discovery, and transformation. This is an opportunity for a journey of Self. Open new doors to unexplored dimensions and experiences. Revel and reflect on new inspiration and knowledge.

Second Sunday Jam

Bring your movement gifts to share along with a yummy dish to nom on after class. Let's commune and practice during our sweet jam. And, relax together in the sauna while we rest our bones. Registration not required.

Monthly Contact Tango Fusion with Daniel Trenner and Erica Roper

Contact Improvisation and the Argentine Tango are two improvisational forms and emerging dance vocabularies gaining worldwide popularity. They have vastly different roots, and yet have many interesting intersections which offer opportunities for dancers of each form to expand their social consciousness and movement skill sets. They are both forms which have performing arts and social trajectories, offering their dancers a wide range of explorations in which to build dance as both an art form and a social container.

Embodied Personal Storytelling with Mandy Snyder

ALL of us, no matter what kind of lives that we have lived, have tales to tell that are compelling to others. Sometimes these are stories of our peak highs and other times, our heartbreaks. They may be stories of the mundane, a funny anecdote or a frustrating family gathering. No matter what the topic, when we share our stories with each other, we find a sense of shared humanity that is deeply satisfying.

Community Grief and Song Ritual with Charlotte Malin and Chaya Leia Aronson, Jam + Music by Stephen Katz

We offer an invitation to come together in community to grieve, assisted by music and song. What is the medicine of grieving in ritual containers? Unprocessed grief compounds and becomes a toxic emotional energy, which can create violence and perpetuate intergenerational trauma and violence. Singing and sounding together helps vibrate our grief loose from these stuck places in our individual and collective bodies and make more space within us. This gives us a sacred opportunity to choose aligned action and to show up in the ways we truly want to show up in the world.

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Independent Events

For more events see the full calendar >

More Ways to be Here

Host Your Event

With a unique combination of mixed-used indoor & outdoor facilities, Earthdance provides an ideal setting for workshops, conferences, weddings, and special events that seek a combination of focus, celebration, and intimate connection.

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Private Retreats: Earthdance is a beautiful and inspiring place to rest & retreat.

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Mineral Collecting: Visit the old Betts Mine site to look for minerals.

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The Value of Earthdance

A relaxing and rigorous environment, that values the pace of the body and the richness of the soul.

Lila H.

What I Learned

Inspired by a community of teachers dedicated to seeking the moving and sublime truths of existence I learned to call on my name as Artist and Dancer.

Michelle L.

Why I Donate

Earthdance is a gem in the firmament!  It holds space for deep exploration of one’s current investigation and supports our light spirit as well.

Ted J.

I Love

Part of my joy is just knowing that it’s here, even if I don’t use it as much as I would like.  It’s like a local home of the larger dance community.  A place to meet and re-meet friends.  A place to get physical contact in times when that’s missing from my life – a connection.  A place to express emotion. A place I’m proud to introduce people to as a physical center for my community of people.  It allows people to have a place  for the stream of community members that come and go through out lives.  A place of nurturing – be it food, touch, talk, dance.