Calendar of Events

Earthdance welcomes guests from around the world to engage in events that center movement and embodied practice, Contact Improvisation, and collaborative art making.

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Second Sunday Jam

Bring your movement gifts to share along with a yummy dish to nom on after class. Let’s commune and practice during our sweet jam. And, relax together in the sauna while we rest our bones. Registration not required. Continue reading
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Embodied Personal Storytelling with Mandy Snyder

ALL of us, no matter what kind of lives that we have lived, have tales to tell that are compelling to others. Sometimes these are stories of our peak highs and other times, our heartbreaks. They may be stories of the mundane, a funny anecdote or a frustrating family gathering. No matter what the topic, when we share our stories with each other, we find a sense of shared humanity that is deeply satisfying. Continue reading
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Community Grief and Song Ritual with Charlotte Malin and Chaya Leia Aronson, Jam + Music by Stephen Katz

We offer an invitation to come together in community to grieve, assisted by music and song. What is the medicine of grieving in ritual containers? Unprocessed grief compounds and becomes a toxic emotional energy, which can create violence and perpetuate intergenerational trauma and violence. Singing and sounding together helps vibrate our grief loose from these stuck places in our individual and collective bodies and make more space within us. This gives us a sacred opportunity to choose aligned action and to show up in the ways we truly want to show up in the world. Continue reading
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