Calendar of Events

Earthdance welcomes guests from around the world to engage in events that center movement and embodied practice, Contact Improvisation, and collaborative art making.

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From Micro to Expansive:  Contact Improvisation Workshop with Somatic Inspirations facilitated by Jonathan Brússolo

Bring attention to sensations, starting this “micro” journey inwards – a journey that connects us to what’s small and concrete, that enables us to perceive physicality from a contemplative state. It could be the first impulse towards embodying movement, towards awakening instinctive-intuitive memories of what it means to move, explore space, explore the…  Learn More »

Countertechnique® Class with Maya LaLiberté

  The Countertechnique® class is a contemporary dance technique class. It stretches, coordinates and strengthens the body, making the dancer sweat, build stamina and really move. The class starts with a recurring set of exercises, allowing dancers to investigate the Countertechnique® principles in detail. The second half of the class…  Learn More »

Somatic Healing with Parts Work: Partnering with Our Protectors with Mandy Snyder

Come join others on a path of self-discovery for a fruitful dive into your inner world. Drawing from IFS (Internal Family Systems), also called Parts Work, we will root into our centered self, that inner witness, and attend to the parts of us that hold challenging emotions or thought patterns,…  Learn More »

Nomadic College is coming to Earthdance. SAVE THE DATE! Registration Starts July 4th.

ABOUT THE NOMADIC COLLEGE The NOMADIC COLLEGE Venue for the study of The Axis Syllabus – fundamentals, theory and inquiry- complementary applications for the Axis Syllabus- more athletic challenge- high-power training / fundamentals / creative expression OVER-PREPARED, UNDER-STRUCTURED The NC is an itinerant school for the principle study and application of…  Learn More »