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Dear Earthdancers,

The holidays are rapidly approaching and with it the season of gratitude and gifting. Many of you know Earthdance intimately and have so for a long time. Others of you have discovered Earthdance and the special opportunities it offers more recently. That’s why we’re particularly excited to share about our latest developments and good fortunes—and are asking for your (continued or new) support to meet a matching facilities grant by the beginning of 2023. 

COVID was hard and when I say hard I mean the “Are we going to make it through this?” kind of hard. Earthdance had almost no event income for almost two years, yet still had many of its regular expenses! Also, and equally important, the whole Earthdance onsite community disbanded and there were only Victor and Izzy (our much loved house cat) tending the hearth.

It has taken the better part of 2022 to turn around this downward spiral, and I think we can now say we are heading towards a beautiful reemergence of our community and organization. We now have a lovely crew of around 10 staff and Work-Exchangers living on site. We also just hosted the biggest Falling Leaves Jam ever and have a programming calendar for 2023 that is already more full than it has been in three years—and the year hasn’t even started!

Together, with slow rebirth, we have been gifted a great opportunity to put a bit more of the Earth into Earth-dance. As a community and organization, we really want to strive to become more sustainable and the Mass Cultural Council has agreed to support us in that. They are granting us up to $80,000 to put a solar system and a new insulated roof on our square barn. They will, however, only support us if we can equally raise $80,000 on our own accord. Fortunately, we have been graced by a single anonymous donor and earth lover who has committed to match donations up to $40,000 made to Earthdance for this cause. A match within the match! This means if you support us with, say, $200—we will actually be receiving $800—towards our sustainability drive.

We’re very much hoping that you will consider supporting us during this gifting season and that you will be part of the reawakening of Earthdance in a slightly greener and more sustainable form. Join us in raising $40,000 by December 31st.

With gratitude and excitement, we look forward to hosting you here again soon.

In name of the the Earthdance staff and Board,

Earthdance Director – Daniel J. Hayes

Staff:  Melanie Christine, Olivia Frank, Brett Roche, Emily Cavin, Victor Mistretta, Giordana Patumi, Christos Galanis,
Board of Directors: Meta Bobbe, Anne Bloom, Levi Gershkowitz, Michelle Bach-Coulibaly, Carlos Ruano

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