What to Bring and More

Earthdance is situated approximately 1,400 feet (425 meters) above sea level and surrounded by forest. The weather ranges from cold and snowy in winter to warm but not usually really hot in the summer:

  • Spring weather can be very variable. It is common for their to be snow on the ground through much of March. As the snow melts mud is very common until the ground thaws in April. Average temperatures in March range from lows of 22°F (-5°C) to highs of 40°F (4°C). By May the average lows are 44°F (7°C) and the average highs are 65°F (18°C).
  • Summers tend to be warm but really hot days are rare. The average high in the summer months is 75°F (24°C) and the average low is 55°F (13°C).
  • Fall, like spring, can be quite variable. In September the average high temperature is 68°F (20°C) and the average low is 48°F (9°C). By November the average high is 45°F (7°C) and the average low is 29°F (-2°C). Snow is possible but not that common in late October and November.
  • Winters are cold and by early January there is usually snow on the ground that will not melt until March. The average high temperature through the winter is 31°F (-1°C) and the average low is 14°F (-10°C).

Remember that these are average temperatures and the weather can be very variable. We advise checking the forecast when packing and bringing clothes to accommodate many different temperatures and weather patterns.

Housing is provided in the Gratitude Lodge (a.k.a. Earthdance dorm) next door to our Farmhouse at 262 Prospect Street. The dorm has 3 floors of co-ed housing for guests, with rooms ranging from 3 to 12 occupants, and shared bathrooms. A private, handicap accessible bathroom is available on the first floor. A few private rooms are sometimes available for an additional fee but cannot be guaranteed (email contact@earthdance.net three weeks prior to an event). Most beds are singles, though a few doubles are available.

We provide pillows and blankets, with extra blankets available for cold nights. All of our beds are first-come-first-choose. Bring your own bed linens or rent them for $15.

In Summer, Fall & Spring, guests can camp on the land. The camping area is near the main Farmhouse, where there are bathroom facilities (including showers). Discounts are available for camping for most Earthdance hosted events. Bring your own sleeping bag(s) or rent bed linens and blankets for $15.

Bring your own towel(s) – we recommend two: one for showering, one for the sauna — or rent them for $10 each.

Our facilities include the Gratitude Lodge, main Farmhouse (featuring three studios, a library, dining room, living room, and massage room), a wood-fired sauna, groundwater-fed quarry, and approximately 100 acres of wooded land. Learn more about our facilities
Earthdance’s buildings are ADA accessible. More info here.

Earthdance provides healthy, vegetarian meals each day (unless meat is specifically requested for a rental program), sourcing locally as much as possible and from our garden during Summer and Fall. Dietary needs are submitted either through registration (for Earthdance hosted events) or the point person for any rental with us. We do our best to accommodate as much as possible. Guests are permitted storage space in the guest refrigerator during events. The nearest grocery store is 4.1 miles (6.6 km) away: The Old Creamery Co-opBring your own food items as needed.

Phone and Internet:
Cell phones do not always work at Earthdance. We have a phone line for guests to make and receive calls. The number is (413) 634-0111; feel free to give this number to friends and family so they can reach you while you’re at Earthdance. There is a shared voicemail box on the phone, which guests can check and record messages in the phone log. We offer free-long distance within the United States. For international calls (including Canada), please bring a calling card.

Wireless Internet access is available in most of the main Farmhouse and Gratitude Lodge. Our Internet service is provided via a reliable, high-speed fiber connection.

Other Things to Bring:

  • flashlight
  • water bottle with a lid
  • slippers for inside the house
  • bathing suit (for the sauna and/or quarry)
  • instruments, journal, art supplies, or anything else to make you feel at home!

Participatory Culture:

Depending on the type of event you join us for at Earthdance, you may be asked to participate in chores (typically house cleans, meal cleans, or meal preps), respecting the staff and fellow guests, as well as caring for the space as a shared space.

At the dorm, we request quiet hours between 9pm and 9am. Almost all rooms are shared, and we ask you to be respectful of your roommates’ needs for rest.

Email contact@earthdance.net or call (413) 634-5678 with any questions.

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