Nudity Policy

Updated November, 2022 

As a community we recognise that event participants come with many cultural differences and different responses to nudity in shared spaces. Some might feel more or less comfortable with nudity, while others may feel offended or uncomfortable, based on the situation. Sometimes, the context can provoke different responses in the same individual at different times. Therefore, assuming that your own comfort level in that particular context is shared by everyone else in the space may contribute to others in turn feeling a decreased sense of their own safety and/or belonging.

Our nudity policy therefore exists to support a culture at Earthdance where everyone feels the greatest degree of belonging possible. We hope to inspire an environment of celebrating the body and our human-ness while also respecting people’s boundaries and different comfort levels. The following are community agreements around nudity which we ask you to respect in attending an event at Earthdance:

  • No nudity in the kitchen/dining area during an Earthdance-produced event (rentals may request alternate agreements ahead of time).
  • The sauna/quarry area is clothing optional. Please choose what is most aligned for you around exposing your body while also respecting the choices of others.
  • Anywhere you can be viewed by neighbors or from the street, nudity is absolutely not allowed.
  • Do not photograph or post photos of nude people without their explicit consent (see Photo Policy).

Please voice your concern if you find yourself in a situation where you are uncomfortable.

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