Calendar of Events

Earthdance welcomes guests from around the world to engage in events that center movement and embodied practice, Contact Improvisation, and collaborative art making.

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Third Sunday of the Month Jam at Earthdance

The long-time tradition of Sunday CI Jams has returned to Earthdance! Come for a class beforehand, or just for the jam. Stay for the sauna and potluck dinner! Registration not required. Continue reading
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Flow, Falling & Flight: A Contact Improv Workshop for Beginning and Intermediate Dance Experience

This beginner/intermediate Contact Improvisation workshop will explore spirals, falls, basing, and flight, while attuning to tone and states of awareness. Moving through different levels, we will start with rolling on the floor and work up to flying. We’ll leave newcomers with enough movement patterns to thrive in Contact Improv jams,… Continue reading
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Sound Bath & Bach In Your Body hosted by Charlotte Malin

Experience the gorgeous resonance of the Umbrella Barn in a profound way with musician and sound healer Charlotte Malin. First, take a luxurious restorative journey to the sounds of singing bowls, violin, viola, etheric vocals, harmonium, drums, tuning forks and more. Lie down, sit, or cuddle with a friend and… Continue reading
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Annual Earthdance Benefit Soiree

This is a time of year for giving and receiving treats, for delighting in abundance, for appreciating the warmth of family & community. Many of you have experienced the nurturance and growth that comes from spending time at Earthdance. This place is a wellspring for meeting some of our deepest… Continue reading
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Contact Tango Fusion on the Solstice with Daniel Trenner and Erica Roper

THE WORKSHOP Contact Improvisation and the Argentine Tango are two improvisational forms and emerging dance vocabularies gaining worldwide popularity. They have vastly different roots, and yet have many interesting intersections which offer opportunities for dancers of each form to expand their social consciousness and movement skill sets. They are both… Continue reading
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Winter Jam with hosts Katerina Tzouganaki and TBD – Register Now!

We gather each year at Earthdance’s most-likely-to-sell-out event, to refresh our embodiment practice for the New Year Continue reading
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