Equity and Access

Earthdance, in its continued dedication to contribute to co-creating a more just, sustainable, and beautiful world, is in the process of evolving its actions and discourse in this area. We are currently building a new Equity & Access team to support Earthdance to imagine and walk a middle path that supports the communal and societal shifts that we intend to make in order to achieve these goals.

Actions we have taken in the past, and/or are currently taking:

  • Offering Equity & Access tickets to our events
  • Offering BIPOC-designated scholarships to our events
  • Creating affinity spaces
  • Offering no-cost artist residencies to Black artists as part of celebrating Black History Month
  • Offering Queer Jams
  • Offering BIPOC Jams
  • Enlisting a BIPOC support person/host for our events
  • The continuing presence and support of a dedicated A.S.C. team (Accountability, Safety, & Care)
  • Social justice training for staff and board. 
  • Collaborating with and providing space to BIPOC-lead organizations

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