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This page contains general physical accessibility of the Earthdance site (specifically for people who use mobility devices). For further information, please contact the Operations Manager at


The main entrance to the Farmhouse, near the coat racks and typically used for entering, has four or five steps to the door and is not wheelchair-accessible. However, the entrance near the kitchen has a long ramp with a low slope, and cars can come up the path to this entrance. Both doors are manual with a doorknob and swing open. Two other entrances near the entrance to the Umbrella Studio are not wheelchair-accessible.

Both the Umbrella Studio and the Rectangle Studio can be accessed without having to go up a step. Accessing the Rectangle Studio directly from the kitchen requires going up 3 or 4 steps, but someone using a wheelchair could proceed to the right through a manual door, up a ramp alongside of the Rectangle Studio, and enter the Rectangle Studio from the other side (again a manual door).

The Umbrella Studio is near this same entrance, and can be accessed without having to go up a step (but again, has a manual door).

The Library is on the first floor of the farmhouse, off the living room. To access the Library, one must go through one manual door, make a sharp turn, and go through a second manual door. Some wheelchair users may have difficulty navigating through these two doors.  

Studio 3 and the bodywork room are on the second floor, which can only be accessed by a flight of stairs. Consideration should be given to this in scheduling activities.

The dining area is the most difficult area in the farmhouse. Typically restricted in space when there is a group, it can be challenging for someone using a wheelchair to navigate through the dining area during a meal when a group is here, and finding a place to sit can also be difficult. One good spot for a wheelchair user is at the end of the long wooden table in the kitchen; tables could also be rearranged on the sun porch to accommodate more wheelchair users.

There are three bathrooms on the first floor of the farmhouse. The first, off of the "living room" is a tight fit for a wheelchair, but a wheelchair can fit in and there are grab bars by the toilet and in the shower. There is a lip to use the shower in this bathroom. The second, near the entrance to the Umbrella Studio, is more spacious but it does not have any grab bars and the toilet is not next to the side wall. This bathroom doesn't have a shower, but there is a single-occupancy shower room right next to it. The shower here is spacious and does not have a lip, but it does not have any grab bars. The third bathroom is between the kitchen and the Rectangle Studio. It is a small bathroom with one step to enter. This bathroom does not have any grab bars. 

Path between Gratitude Lodge and Farmhouse

The path between Gratitude Lodge and the Farmhouse is a short dirt path through the woods, fairly level but not entirely flat. It may be challenging for wheelchair users in muddy or snowy conditions. Power chair users may be able to take their wheelchair down the driveway to the road, go along the road the short distance to the other driveway, and take that driveway back up to the other building. This may be more difficult for someone who uses a manual chair or other mobility device.

Gratitude Lodge

The first floor of the dorm is ADA accessible, with a ramp coming up from the driveway. Doors are manual. There are three rooms on the first floor. There's a private entrance to the small room (Room 4), which works for a wheelchair user. In the other two (larger) rooms, beds would need to be rearranged in the other two large rooms to make space for wheelchair users to navigate. Some beds may need to be removed, which would decrease the bed count in the dorm. There is an ADA bathroom and shower on the first floor of the dorm.

Basement and second floors of the dorm are not ADA accessible, with stairs required to access and relatively narrow halls.