Winter Ecstatic Dance with DJ CJ!

You are invited to join in dance, movement, stretching, releasing and recharging ~ be as you are ~ Let’s co-create a safe place to get into our bodies and celebrate the begins of Winter!

A Winter warm up! Lets move our bodies until our bones are all toasty warm in this colder weather. Winter is a beautiful time of year where the extra hours of darkness give us time to explore our inner worlds. Let us enter with health, joy and vibrancy as we allow nurturance, care, and nourishment to flow through our bodies. Get on your magic horse and fly above the clouds. Travel where you will. Gather what you need.

We will begin with an opening circle that melds into a soft ambience of sound. Leading into an upbeat ecstatic blend of live guitar/electronica/R&B and soul/funk fusion/d&b/Hip hop/house/organic bass and a blend of old classics turned new.



Potluck at 6:30pm

Opening Circle starts at 7:30pm

Dance: $20 – $80

Potluck: Bring a dish to share OR donate $10-$15

Sauna (with towel rental): $10

Overnight in our Gratitude Lodge: If you wish to extend your visit and stay overnight: A dorm bed in our Gratitude Lodge is $40. (Rental of sheets and towel is $15) * Includes access to the sauna and kitchen use but does not provide food. 

COVID Precautions

No specific requirements on vaccination status are needed to attend this event. Please take adequate measures to limit your exposure in the days before. If you are feeling sick, or have a known close exposure to someone with COVID in the past 5 days, please sit this one out to keep the community well. 

Earthdance’s buildings are ADA accessible. More info here.

Earthdance’s Jam Guidelines

Earthdance’s Nudity Policy



CJ is a multi instrumentalist, collaborator and producer with a burning passion for listening, playing and creating music of all forms! Growing up in the greater Boston area, he has worked as an audio engineer and played in multiple rock, funk and ska bands. With a vast understanding of the electronic genre umbrella and involvement in dance and movement events, his understanding of rhythm and flow is felt through his performances. Now living in the hills of Western Mass his music style focuses on harmony with nature and playing with the sounds of the forest. Connected to the moment of improvisation ~ his talents revolve around feeling into an environment and enhancing it with sonic frequencies.

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