Ecstatic Dance at Earthdance Winter 2023

Thursday. December 7th – 6:30pm Potluck, 7:30pm Opening Circle

You are invited to join in dance, movement, stretching, releasing and recharging ~ be as you are ~ Let’s co-create a safe place to get into our bodies and celebrate the begins of Winter!

A Winter warm up! Lets move our bodies until our bones are all toasty warm in this colder weather. Winter is a beautiful time of year where the extra hours of darkness give us time to explore our inner worlds. Let us enter with health, joy and vibrancy as we allow nurturance, care, and nourishment to flow through our bodies. Get on your magic horse and fly above the clouds. Travel where you will. Gather what you need.

We will begin with an opening circle that melds into a soft ambience of sound. Leading into an upbeat ecstatic blend of live guitar/electronica/R&B and soul/funk fusion/d&b/Hip hop/house/organic bass and a blend of old classics turned new.

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