Form & Imagination: CI Training with Tal Shibi and Sarah Konner + COCO Jam

Form & Imagination: Embodied Research|Composition|CI Training – March 4th – 7th, 2024

Contact Improvisation culture and exploration began as performative research amongst dancers and creative movement artists. 50 years after its inception, CI is used as both social form, CI Jam practice, and dance research. Every practitioner of this art-sport adapts a slightly different approach and style, and yet there are common threads that recur through the form.

This training will give time to create common physical language while also allowing dancers to find personal choice making. This Spring Training and Creation Lab is an invitation for dancers and movers to explore the language and strategies of CI in the context of composition, choreography and performance. We would love for you to bring your varied dance and movement backgrounds into this shared container of making and join us in research. Together, we will train availability to follow unexpected directionality and momentum, study the modulation of weight, and through these practices use shared language to heighten communication, galvanize creativity, and fuel development of personal aesthetics.

Drawing on their distinctive backgrounds and experiences in dance making and CI, Tal and Sarah will lead workshops designed to address the following elements:

  • Gaining experience with and literacy in CI as a movement language.
  • Finding and practicing agency + bold choice making within a solo and a CI duet.
  • Practicing and building strategies for being present and responsive.
  • Messy experimentation
  • Developing scores and score-making as vehicles for creative research, dance-making, and collective creativity.
  • Building intelligence and sensitivity in the use of the hands for connection and articulation of the body as a whole.

Form & Imagination CI Training – Arrival, Onsite Check-In, Opening Circle, and Departures

  • Arrival/Check-In: Monday, March 4th from 4-7pm front of the Farmhouse. Dinner is 6-7pm.
  • Opening Circle: Monday, March 4th at 7:30-9pm. We request that EVERYONE attends the Opening Circle.
  • Closing Circle: Thursday, March 7th 12:30pm-1pm, Lunch 1-2pm.
  • Final Clean: Thursday, March 7th at 2-3pm.
  • Departure: All participants who are not joining the COCO Jam will depart after the final group clean at 3pm on Thursday, March 7th. 

Research Themes:

Poetic Cadence with Sarah

As bodies in motion, we play with and within gravity, time and space. Through a crafted use of
tension, the release of tension, and breath, we can be taken by momentum, accentuate forces
already happening moment to moment, and choose to redirect or create resistance. It is through our choice-making that we create poetry, cadence, and music– a playing with time. In this workshop we will practice joining, creating, and steering momentum in our solo bodies and with a partner. Practical physical studies of the weights of the body and sharing structures will be a base to build ease as situations become more complex. We will attune to beginnings, endings, pause, flow, all as options, to cultivate our capacity for decision making, while maintaining responsive communication. With a light and bright attention to the moment-to-moment now—we expand possibilities we are available to in order to both listen deeply to what is happening and take personal agency in ever fleeting moments.

Being Seen with Tal

This session intends to dial up the courage in the practice and pleasure of allowing ourselves to be seen in motion. It will address potential blocks that rob us of our attention, as well as give clear tools to use the practice of performance as a vehicle which enhances choice making and can be utilized as a practice to enhance presence. We will create engaging solos on the spot through uncovering strategies which create transparency and connection with our audience. This practice will enliven us and inform our movement in surprising and immediate ways.

We will use text, elements from contact improvisation, and dive deeper into the practicality of
score making to create clear and engaging solo, duet, trio and group dance sketches. Part of the work will entail sharing our dance with a context of friendly audience observation as a mode of learning and sharing.

This training is designed for CI dancers with basic comfort level and experience of CI technique. Some previous experience with giving and receiving of weight is recommended. Feel free to reach out to us with questions. Workshops will be geared to engage each participant’s abilities and growing edges. Tal and Sarah, together, will blend our ability to improvise on our own, in contact, and within a group. By the end of this week, you will all have more humor and confidence in your dance.

We guarantee it!

COCO Jam – March 7th – 10th, 2024

What is a CoCo Jam?

Community Collaborative Jams are a new and unfolding program concept at Earthdance which launched in early 2022.  This new programming thread was driven by the desire for more opportunities to dance CI and to connect with the community in smaller containers. Similar to Seasonal Jams, the CoCo jam has one or more hosts that, rather than always being professional artists with strong facilitation skills, can be dedicated Earthdance community members and upcoming dancers building their leadership skills. Support staff is also more limited compared to our seasonal jams and participants are invited into a higher degree of autonomy and self care. Similarly, the workshop offerings and schedule are also more influenced by the community members themselves and created on a more adhoc basis.  

In preparation for attending a CoCo jam, you may want to ask yourself: What are you currently researching or inspired to offer? Is there something you hope to lab, share, or play with?

***This CoCo Jam will be coming out of a 3-day spring training in compositional research and collective creation. We are excited for community offerings grounded in compositional, movement, and imaginative research. As hosts, Tal and Sarah will organize one evening of performative scores that opens into jamming, and we welcome your other ideas!  

This will be a continued study starting with the Form & Imagination Spring Training through the CoCo Jam. The research from the training will inform and inspire the weekend offerings. Those attending the whole week will benefit from the nourishment of a focused container in the first 3 days, followed by a community led container in the CoCo Jam.

Jam Details

  • An average of 40-60 people will attend this COCO jam and is open to all movement levels & backgrounds. 
  • We have a single day drop-in option on Saturday, March 9th for folks who have been to Earthdance before.
  • NEWCOMERS: If you have never been to Earthdance, we ask that you only sign up for the Full COCO Jam. This will allow us to better welcome you and orient you to Earthdance.
  • This will be a very self motivated jam with influences from the CI Training prior, bring your ideas!
  • Be ready to co-create! – We will send out a shared document for folks to fill out who would like to offer something during this co-creation weekend when you register. 

COCO Jam Arrival, Onsite Check-In, Opening Circle, and Departures.

  • Arrival/Check-In: Thursday, March 7th from 4-7pm front of the Farmhouse. Dinner is 6-7pm.
  • Opening Circle: Friday, March 8th at 10am. We encourage all NEWCOMERS to attend the Opening Circle.
  • Saturday Drop-In (Only for folks who’ve been to Earthdance before): Arrive/Check-In Saturday, March 9th between 9-10am. Breakfast is 8-9am. Departure at 10pm day of.
  • Closing Circle: Sunday, March 10th 12:30pm-1pm, Lunch 1-2pm.
  • Final Clean: Sunday, March 10th at 2-3pm.
  • Departure: All participants will depart after the final group clean at 3pm on Sunday, March 10th.

We encourage folks to attend both the CI Training AND the COCO Jam – You will receive a $50 discount!

Our Fees Explained

Earthdance offers a sliding scale payment for participation in this event, please take a moment to reflect as you decide on where you best fit. 

Your level of contribution is self selected and does not need to be advocated for. However, we invite you to remember this contribution is currency and we ask that you stretch where you are able so that those who cannot stretch as far of a financial distance may also have potential access to community events. As you choose your rate please consider the following factors:

  • Your access to income and wealth, as connected to family and partnership, both currently and anticipated in the future.
  • The historical, systemic impacts of wealth accrual based on culture, race and other intersection marginalizations for you and your family.
  • The regional ease of your attendance, while some community members can drive to Earthdance, others will need to consider tuition based on their ability to travel longer distances. 
  • Earthdance is a community and rental funded organization which recently, historically and uniquely through the Covid-19 pandemic has struggled to have viable income.

Equity & Access Tickets 

Although we’re not able to offer any full scholarships, yet we’re excited to offer up to 4 E&A Discounts for the Training + COCO Jam, 3 E&A Discounts for the Training Only and 3 E&A Discounts COCO Jam Only to individuals who feel part of an underrepresented and/or marginalized group in CI and have a relationship with CI.  We know that for those who come from marginalized populations showing up to spaces filled with primarily privileged groups can be a challenge, and can feel vulnerable.

Apply Here!

For those who do not identify as marginalized and are in a represented group of CI, we invite you to stretch in your payment to help support those who cannot stretch and create a more diverse jam experience for all. 

Note: While Earthdance is making efforts to better support Equity & Access at all its events, this jam offers particularly strong support for diversity, equity, and inclusion through:

  • Reduced pricing offered to people self-identifying as being underrepresented and/or marginalized in CI.
  • Classes and discussions that aim to bring up the level of awareness and inclusion at the jam as a whole.
  • Affinity spaces (jams, discussions, etc.) for particular groups of people to connect, share CI space together, and rest from the pressures of being in a minority status at the jam.

Housing Options

Gratitude Lodge at Earthdance Tickets

Includes a bed in the Gratitude Lodge, Jam offerings, and food during the jam.

The Gratitude Lodge (a.k.a. the Earthdance dorm) is the main lodging facility, connected to the Farmhouse by a short wooded trail. The lodge includes large and small rooms featuring dormitory-style bunks and beds (twin & queen size) and is included in the base Jam cost. Beds are available on a first come basis.

Camping Tickets

Includes a spot to camp at Earthdance, Jam offerings, and food during the jam.

Commuter Tickets

You will have access to the Jam offerings including food for the event.

Commuter Health Care: We ask that you please use caution when commuting and limit, if possible, to just commuting to and from your home and Earthdance, staying away from large crowds to maintain the health and well being of the other Jam participants.

Nine Mountain is NOT available.


Training with COCO Jam (March 4 – 10) 


Financially Wealthy – $1000

Financially Abundant – $850

Financially Stable – $700

Financially Coping – $625

Financially Strained – $575


Financially Wealthy – $975

Financially Abundant – $825

Financially Stable – $675

Financially Coping – $600

Financially Strained – $550


Financially Wealthy – $950

Financially Abundant – $800

Financially Stable – $650

Financially Coping – $575

Financially Strained – $525

Training Only (March 4 – 7) 


Financially Wealthy – $700

Financially Abundant – $575

Financially Stable – $475

Financially Coping – $400

Financially Strained – $350


Financially Wealthy – $675

Financially Abundant – $550

Financially Stable – $450

Financially Coping – $375

Financially Strained – $325


Financially Wealthy – $650

Financially Abundant – $525

Financially Stable – $425

Financially Coping – $350

Financially Strained – $300

COCO Jam Only (March 7 – 10) 


Financially Wealthy – $625

Financially Abundant – $500

Financially Stable – $400

Financially Coping – $325

Financially Strained – $275


Financially Wealthy – $600

Financially Abundant – $475

Financially Stable – $375

Financially Coping – $300

Financially Strained – $250


Financially Wealthy – $575

Financially Abundant – $450

Financially Stable – $350

Financially Coping – $275

Financially Strained – $225

Saturday, March 9th DROP-IN (Only if you’ve been to Earthdance before)

Financially Wealthy – $450

Financially Abundant – $300

Financially Stable – $200

Financially Coping – $125

Financially Strained – $85

Cancellation Policy

Refund available up to 14 days (February 19th) before the event less a $75 processing fee. 

No refunds available less than 14 days (After February 19th) from the start of the event.

Partial refunds might be given if a cancellation takes place under extenuating circumstances (e.g. a death of a 1st or 2nd degree family member, serious non-preventable illness or accident requiring hospitalization). Refunds in such cases remain at the discretion of the local organizers and will be decided on a case to case basis according to the timing of the cancellation and other factors. We do not offer refunds if you catch a cold, the flu or COVID after cancellation dates.

COVID Precautions

No specific requirements on vaccination status are needed to attend this event. Please take adequate measures to limit your exposure in the days before. If you are feeling sick, or have a known close exposure to someone with COVID in the past 5 days, please sit this one out to keep the community well. 

Participant Community Support

Earthdance runs as a​ community, thus part of the participation is that all individuals contribute to 1-2 work shifts (typically meal cleans) throughout the event and participate in a final house clean on the last day of the event. These are great ways to connect more with your fellow participants and Earthdance staff, and to feel more at home in the Earthdance buildings & grounds. Your contributions to this collective caring of this space are invaluable!

Earthdance’s buildings are ADA accessible. More info here.

Earthdance’s Jam Guidelines

Earthdance’s Nudity Policy


Tal Shibi

Tal Shibi is a native Jerusalem choreographer, improvisor, performer, and teacher of dance, CI, and somatic awareness. He is continuously curious in exploring collaborations between different art forms, and widening the perceptions of performance and dance. He holds an MFA in Dance from Bennington College and certification  Zen Shiatsu and Watsu/Waterdance. Most recently he has been sharing his passion for life, creativity, and movement through creating improvisation workshops which emphasize tools for life such as playfulness, meditation, the courage to be seen, body awareness, breath work and more.

Sarah Konner

Sarah Konner is a dance artist, improviser and somatic movement educator researching dance as a process of evolution and collective storytelling. Sarah recently collaborated with Austin Selden, Jeanine Durning, Jenna Reigel, ChavasseDance&Performance, Sara Shelton Mann, Shura Baryshnikov, Megan Kendzior, Alex Springer and Xan Burley, Headlong Dance Theater, and setGo Performance Improvisation Ensemble. She holds an MFA in Dance from Smith College and certification in Body-Mind Centering®.

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