Ongoing Monthly Ecstatic Dance at Earthdance!

Earthdance has teamed up with DJ Passionflower (Andrew Mangold) of Earthshake Ecstatic Dance to host the first iteration of a regular monthly movement gathering, held monthly!

Intentions for the dance include: expanding the edges of self expression, catharsis, and hilarity in ways that might traditionally be more contained in larger, less intimate groups, or in more public venues. Guests would also be welcome to make use of the wood-fired sauna and cool down with a cold plunge in the quarry. This is so far an entirely experimental dance – in regards to music, space holding, collaboration and the general flow of the evening.

We invite YOU to help shape the character of this new community dance offering. Let’s collaborate! We will discover what unmet needs and desires of our community are ready to come to life at this unique meeting of worlds between Earthdance and Earthshake!

Arrive at 6:45pm, Dance Starts at 7pm

Dance: $15-45

Sauna (with towel rental): $10

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