EarthSing! hosted by Emmett deBeer Charno, Leela Kelley, and Marie Ebacher – Register Now!

Join us for EarthSing, a co-creative gathering of song, ritual, and embodiment. Our workshops  and shared practices include improvisational singing, somatic practices, folk songs, song circles,  invocations, and musical embodiment. Singing together in this way can open the heart, the voice,  and get the creative channels flowing!  

Singing together is a ritual, and song has been part of collective ritual practice across time and  place. In this gathering, we will explore the capacity of the voice to connect us more deeply to  ourselves, each other, and the land.  

Each morning we will ground into our bodies and the earth through somatic practices and  connection to land, followed by a group morning session with a master song leader. Throughout  the day there will be workshops and jams from facilitators and community members, with  encouraged flexibility for integration, play, and personal practice. The evenings will feature our  collaborative rituals and fireside music jams.

Come sing and play together this Summer! Everyone is welcome, from experienced singers to  complete beginners. 

10% of our profits will go to Ohketeau Cultural Center, a Native founded and run cultural center in Western Mass. 


Are you interested in facilitating at EarthSing?

We are looking for one or two master song leaders, as well as single workshop facilitators. 

Please check out this form here, to learn more about the roles and apply by May 15th, 2024. 

Arrival, Onsite Check-In, Opening Circle, and Departures

  • Arrival/Check-In: Thursday, August 15th from 4-7pm front of the Farmhouse. Dinner is 6-7pm. Workshop at 7:15pm.
  • Opening Circle/Introduction: Friday, August 16th at 10am. We request that ALL participants attend the Opening Circle.
  • Saturday Drop-In: Registration check-in and breakfast at 8-9am, departures after 10pm on August 17th.
  • Closing Circle: Sunday, August 18th 12:30pm-1pm, Lunch 1-2pm.
  • Final Clean: Sunday, August 18th at 2-3pm.
  • Departure: All participants will depart after the final group clean at 3pm on Sunday, August 18th.

Our Fees Explained

Earthdance offers a sliding scale payment for participation in this event, please take a moment to reflect as you decide on where you best fit. 

Your level of contribution is self selected and does not need to be advocated for. However, we invite you to remember this contribution is currency and we ask that you stretch where you are able so that those who cannot stretch as far of a financial distance may also have potential access to community events. As you choose your rate please consider the following factors:

  • Your access to income and wealth, as connected to family and partnership, both currently and anticipated in the future.
  • The historical, systemic impacts of wealth accrual based on culture, race and other intersection marginalizations for you and your family.
  • The regional ease of your attendance, while some community members can drive to Earthdance, others will need to consider tuition based on their ability to travel longer distances. 
  • Earthdance is a community and rental funded organization which recently, historically and uniquely through the Covid-19 pandemic has struggled to have viable income.



$725 – Financially Wealthy

$600 – Financially Abundant

$500 – Financially Stable

$425 – Financially Coping

$375 – Financially Strained


$700 – Financially Wealthy

$575 – Financially Abundant

$475 – Financially Stable

$400 – Financially Coping

$350 – Financially Strained


$675 – Financially Wealthy

$550 – Financially Abundant

$450 – Financially Stable

$375 – Financially Coping

$325 – Financially Strained


$475 – Financially Wealthy

$350 – Financially Abundant

$250 – Financially Stable

$175 – Financially Coping

$125 – Financially Strained

Equity & Access Tickets 

Although we’re not able to offer any full scholarships, yet we’re excited to offer up to 3 E&A Discounts to individuals who feel part of an underrepresented and/or marginalized.  We know that for those who come from marginalized populations showing up to spaces filled with primarily privileged groups can be a challenge, and can feel vulnerable.

Apply Here!  Application deadline is August 1st.

For those who do not identify as marginalized and are in a represented group, we invite you to stretch in your payment to help support those who cannot stretch and create a more diverse jam experience for all. 

Note: While Earthdance is making efforts to better support Equity & Access at all its events, this jam offers particularly strong support for diversity, equity, and inclusion through:

  • Reduced pricing offered to people self-identifying as being underrepresented and/or marginalized.
  • Classes and discussions that aim to bring up the level of awareness and inclusion at the jam as a whole.

Housing Options

Gratitude Lodge at Earthdance Tickets

Includes a bed in the Gratitude Lodge, event offerings, and food during the event.

The Gratitude Lodge (a.k.a. the Earthdance dorm) is the main lodging facility, connected to the Farmhouse by a short wooded trail. The lodge includes large and small rooms featuring dormitory-style bunks and beds (twin & queen size) and is included in the base event cost. Beds are available on a first come basis.

Camping Tickets

Includes a spot to camp at Earthdance, event offerings, and food during the event.

Commuter Tickets

You will have access to the event offerings including food for the event.

Commuter Health Care: We ask that you please use caution when commuting and limit, if possible, to just commuting to and from your home and Earthdance, staying away from large crowds to maintain the health and well being of the other event participants.

Cancellation Policy

Refund available up to 14 days (August 1st) before the event less a $75 processing fee. 

No refunds available less than 14 days (After August 1st) from the start of the event.

Partial refunds might be given if a cancellation takes place under extenuating circumstances (e.g. a death of a 1st or 2nd degree family member, serious non-preventable illness or accident requiring hospitalization). Refunds in such cases remain at the discretion of the local organizers and will be decided on a case to case basis according to the timing of the cancellation and other factors. We do not offer refunds if you catch a cold, the flu or COVID after cancellation dates.

Health Precautions

No specific requirements on vaccination status are needed to attend this event. Please take adequate measures to limit your exposure in the days before arriving. If you are feeling sick, or have a known close exposure to someone with COVID in the past 5 days, please sit this one out to keep the community well. 

COMMUTERS: We ask that you please use caution when commuting and limit, if possible, to just commuting to and from your home and Earthdance, staying away from large crowds to maintain the health and well being of the other participants.

Participant Community Support

Earthdance runs as a​ community, thus part of the participation is that all individuals contribute to 1-2 work shifts (typically meal cleans) throughout the event and participate in a final house clean on the last day of the event. These are great ways to connect more with your fellow participants and Earthdance staff, and to feel more at home in the Earthdance buildings & grounds. Your contributions to this collective caring of this space are invaluable!

Earthdance’s buildings are ADA accessible. More info here.

Earthdance’s Nudity Policy


Emmett Charno is an educator, facilitator, interdisciplinary artist, performer, and producer bringing magic and play to everything they do. They create events and spaces that are committed to radical self expression and inclusion, especially for those often held in the margins. Emmett has been facilitating group vocal improvisation for over ten years, and has trained with master teachers Bobby McFerrin, Meredith Monk, and Rhiannon among others.

They create and collaborate on movement, vocal music, harp, looping, costume, and narrative installation. In the daytime, Emmett is a reading specialist in NYC teaching elementary school age children to read in private practice and in schools. In the nighttime, Emmett performs and produces interdimensional narrative drag and character based improvisational vocal looping. Emmett is passionate about science fiction, sex positivity, social justice, literacy, fairy houses, outsider art, and magic. 

IG: @excessmaterials 

Leela/Lu Kelley is a somatic practitioner, astrologer, ritualist, song catcher, and witch clown.

Leela brings a nurturing, creative, embodied, trauma-informed and playful energy to all her offerings, including workshops, rituals,  and 1:1 work. She loves the intersection of deeply rooted somatic awareness with expansive states of magic and transformation. She has a background in contact improv, clowning, ritual performance, burlesque, and somatic healing.

Lu loves to sing and make sounds, to catch songs coming from the land as an act of reciprocity with Source. As part of the organizing team for EarthSing, she will be leading somatic/movement practices and facilitating song witchery.

You can learn more about her at or IG 

Marie/Murry is a song weaver, dream teacher, death doula, & cosmic clown. They paint space with ruminative, playful and etheric sonic strokes. Both a contact dancer & vocal improvisor, the union of movement and sound is at the core of their practice of somatic instrumentation.

Hailing from the Northeast woodlands of Western MA, Marie/Murry carries the gentle & fierce landscapes of the forest in her voice. Involved with several musical projects, most dear to her heart are Tender Spot, her witchpunk project, and Eerie Muse, her folk project, both streaming on Bandcamp. Marie/Murry’s passions include poetry, forest bathing, singing with the wind, dream interpretation, herbalism, queerness and clowning. Marie/Murry is part of the organizing team for EarthSing.

IG: @maythemuses

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