SAVE THE DATE – Dancing The Landscape with Frieda Kipar Bay and Dana Iova-Koga

We reside in a living world shaped by reciprocity.  Nature responds to every single thing we do. In this 4-day, immersive workshop, we will center these deep connections between how we move and how we relate to the ecologies we are a part of. We will begin by asking “how do we dance a landscape?”, and “how are we being danced by our landscapes?”  Investigations will occur inside the studio and out, in the beautiful weather of late summer, and we will draw from several primary sources as inspiration.

We will practice:

  • Qigong to attune our listening and understand the fractals at play.
  • Dynamic and rigorous Body Weather crossings to challenge our memory, proprioception and coordination.
  • Improvisational movement scores to play with universal movement principles.
  • Contact Improvisation to deepen our understanding of physical reciprocity.
  • Tracking and plant ID walks on Earthdance to meet the landscape with deeper understanding.
  • Garden work in the ED Garden to practice integrating theory into practical application (while participating and contributing to the ED community).

In recent years, much attention has been paid to the practices of Mindfulness and Embodiment and they are widely accepted as being beneficial in our aspirations of being vibrant, compassionate, responsive human beings. But what about the practice of relating to our environments and landscapes with attention and reciprocity? While equally as vital, it has not yet entered the mainstream consciousness to the same degree.  We will investigate this relationship with place – emplacefulment; it’s not a word, but it’s what we’ll be practicing anyway.

“We know ourselves by knowing the web – the terrain and the weather that we live inside. Think of the body as a landscape, the landscape as a body, and lean in.”  Frieda Kipar Bay

“It is inside a place, and in relation to a place, that we learn to hope.” Anna Badken

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