The Royal Ball! A Gala Benefit for Earthdance

Dear Sovereign,

This is your official invitation to the Royal Ball!

Your Majesty, this is guaranteed to be the event of the year. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss the chance to show off your fanciest dress and extravagant wealth to the other invited Regals. It would be the suggestion of this humble messenger to engage immediately your best tailors, dressmakers, and costumers to be certain you and your country are properly represented at this most auspicious gathering. 

All Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses as well as Emirs, Emperors, and Majesties of any variety including Tribal leaders and Monarchs from all lands are invited. Leaders great and small from any land whether it be on this planet, the cosmos or any other realm. Come and display your wealth and generosity to Earthdance. Stand for your peoples. Let all the assembled know the greatness of your nation. Please note this gathering is for heads of state only no religious leaders will be allowed entry. 

Any Majesties who are traveling far are invited to stay overnight at the castle. 

*Your host for the evening will be none other than the esteemed Justis Hatch who has graciously called for this gathering as a gift to Earthdance and our exalted community in honor of his Birthday. Let us arrive adorned in our most festive garments, feast and put our hearts on the dance floor in honor of his Greatness on this day. 

The Royal Feast

This collaborative feast is a great time to share your country’s many delicacies. We ask that all guests bring their specialty cuisine for the sampling of the other exalted guests. The Feast will begin at 4pm to 6.30pm. 

The Royal Ball

Please arrive promptly at 7:30pm so the Herold can properly introduce you to the court. The Royal Court Musicians – Charlotte Malin, Sean Patrick Maher, and Levi Gershkowits will serenade us with a fusion of classical and contemporary musical scores. Later in the evening, for the continued pleasure of our guests, music will be produced by DJ Andrew Mangold

The sauna will of course be hot and ready for any Royalty who wish to warm themselves. 

The Royal Gifts

This is a fundraiser after all, to that end we are asking our guests to graciously gift Earthdance with your riches. The full value of your entry ticket will be matched twice over. First by the Facilities Matching Grant granted by the Mass Cultural Council, then additionally by a generous anonymous donor. This means that every dollar you give becomes four dollars for Earthdance.  

The Royal Court Musicians

Charlotte Malin is a violinist, violist, singer/songwriter, teacher, and healer guiding people into direct, communal, and transformational encounters with music. She is passionate about bringing audiences, clients, and students into aliveness and authenticity through music. Her offerings and projects include embodied classical concerts called Bach In Your Body, sound healing journeys, vocal improvisation workshops & song circles, and compositional sound projects for dance, film, and podcasts. She is currently working on her first full album of original music, titled Welcome Home. Malin currently serves as the Viola Instructor at Amherst College and lives in Northampton, MA. 

As a classically trained violin and viola player, Malin holds cum laude performance degrees from New England Conservatory and Northwestern University. She has collaborated closely with luminaries of the classical world including Yo-Yo Ma, Midori, and Kim Kashkashian, and has performed extensively throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. Additionally, she has held positions as Principal Viola of the Hudson Valley Philharmonic, the Tanglewood Music Center, the Hartford Symphony, the Albany Symphony, the Sarasota Opera Orchestra, and the Peninsula Music Festival in Door County WI.

Silhouettes of Silence is a duo formed in 2019 in exploration of the quality, texture and weather patterns of sound and the space that remains when sound is constructed and then removed. 


Levi Gershkowitz (Handpan, Flute and Saz) is a multi-instrumentalist and improvisational performer. The music he creates stems from a mirrored ear held to the natural world, as well as personal relationships he holds dear with instrument builders and musicians around the world. Since 2015, he has embarked on an exploration of Handpan/Pantam and other Hang-inspired instruments, seeking unique pairings of these enchanted sound sculptures with traditional Turkish instruments, cello, piano and guitar. 

Sean Patrick Maher – Weaving together tapestries of ambience, texture, rhythm, and melody, Sean Patrick illuminates the dark spaces of the heart and amplifies the subtle song of the spirit. Improvisation is the vessel through which he expresses the language of feeling that words simply fail to serve. Sean Patrick has been a musician for most of his life, and after a spontaneous experience of deep healing through the power of sound, he immersed himself in the art and science of Sound Healing and continues to employ these principles in every creation and performance he enters. With a background in VibroAcoustic music production, ambient sound healing, and improvisational jam music, Sean Patrick delivers a diverse sonic experience of ambient textures, echoing atmospheres, and live guitar melodies.

COVID Precautions

No specific requirements on vaccination status are needed to attend The Royal Ball. All guests, before or upon arrival, are asked to take an antigen test supplied by them or purchased from Earthdance at $10. Please take adequate measures to limit your exposure in the days before. If you are feeling sick, or have a known close exposure to someone with COVID in the past 5 days, please sit this one out to keep the community well. 

Earthdance’s buildings are ADA accessible. More info here.

Earthdance’s Jam Guidelines

Earthdance’s Nudity Policy

Monthly Family Constellation Workshop + Potluck & Sauna with Petrus Slaghekke

A kind of “living map,” Family Constellations is a unique, phenomenological approach that invites you to make peace with your past. It is a way of seeing and knowing your history, and discovering what belongs to you and what doesn’t. When you know what belongs to you, the burdens of the past drop away, allowing you to step into a new spaciousness and vitality.

You can find a more in-depth description of what Family Constellations are in this 5 minute video.

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Dancing With Death: Hosted by Marie/Murry & Kaitlyn Cronin

Death is a topic that is commonly avoided in modern society and yet this vital step in the process of life is something we all have in common. Each one of us is intimately interwoven with the presence of Death, whether it be experiencing the loss of loved ones, acknowledging beliefs, patterns and relationships that are falling away, and our own inevitable end. 

Join us to share our hearts through movement, music, connection and chocolate truffles, to allow space for grief, and offer homage to Death and all the lessons that come with the process. 

In this workshop participants will pair up with a few different individuals to somatically enact different prompts interwoven with Death. Pairs are encouraged to connect with one another through contact improv and a variety of interpersonal relating activities. These prompts will open us up to our own beliefs, edges and experiences around Death, creating a container for contemplative heart-opening connection. 

Along with the movement we will enjoy decadent herbal and (non psycho-active) medicinal mushroom infused truffles. All truffles are vegan, gluten free, soy and refined sugar free.

Start Time: 7pm. This is a sacred container and safe space to open ourselves up. We ask that you show up promptly 15 minutes early, reserve your spot ahead of time and inform us if you have any food allergies. $25 entrance fee includes the chocolate truffles.

Email Kaitlyn to register or for more info:

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Dia De Los Muertos / Day Of The Dead: Feasting With Our Ancestors

Day of The Dead alter, with skulls, flowers and candles.

In these darkening Autumn days, where the veil between the realms of the Living and the Ancestors is thinnest, Earthdance invites you to come celebrate Dia De Los Muertos/Day Of The Dead with a feast, fire, stories, and songs. You’re invited to bring food to share; offerings, photos, letters and keep-sakes for the communal Ofrenda, and instruments and songs to share round the bonfire (weather allowing). 

Suggested donation of $10. 

Start Time: 6pm

For more info contact Christos at

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