Our on site Volunteer Program


Earthdance is an arts organization, rental and retreat center hosting workshops, artist retreats, and community programming. Our focus centers on dance, somatics, movement research and a deep history with Contact Improv. Our facility has 2 large dance studios as well as a sauna, quarry, hiking trails, fire pits and more.

We are looking for volunteers to be a part of our Residential Volunteer program to both support our events through work exchange but by also to have the space for their own movement and creative practice. Volunteers offer support in a variety of areas with the first priority being our events and rentals. Work projects include facility preparation, gardening, kitchen shifts, cleaning and beautification. We are seeking self-driven individuals who are able to take direction and are enthusiastic about seeing projects to completion. Through the live-work environment, volunteers deepen their understanding of interpersonal dynamics and engage in somatic, movement & creative opportunities.

We ask for a minimum 1 month commitment and 25 hours a week of work. Volunteership includes housing, basic foods, complimentary jams & workshops when available, access to Earthdance studios and more. If you are unable to commit to 1 month,  a shorter commitment is possible under the right circumstances.
Apply now–limited space available.

If you want to learn more before applying, email Operations@Earthdance.net.

We encourage you to take the time to answer the application questions as honestly and thoughtfully as possible. The process will assist you in clarifying your personal intentions as well as help us consider the best fit for the potential crew to care for Earthdance events and facilities.

Apply Here

*Please note, the application does not guarantee residency. We receive many volunteer applications, so please understand that we may not be able to respond to each one individually. The process is typically 2-3 months from when you apply before we might be able to offer you a space.

You will be notified by an Earthdance Staff member if we are able to move forward to the next step of a virtual interview and any current timeline that we might be accepting new individuals.