Financial Aid

Earthdance strives to keep our events affordable for everyone. We use a sliding scale for tuition in order to give people the option of paying the amount that best suits their budget, and offer limited Work Study and Scholarships for many of our events.

Work Study

  • Work Study is available for certain workshops and for all jams.
  • Work Study jobs are most often in the kitchen helping with meal preparation and clean up.
  • We pay $12 per hour, after the work study has been completed (we ask that you pay the full cost of the jam or workshop upfront to be reimbursed at the close of the jam or workshop).
  • Work Study positions are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Apply for Work Study by filling out an application here!

Workshop Scholarships

  • We offer up to two Scholarships per Workshop (scholarships do not apply to programs offered by rental groups).
  • Scholarships are on average $50 off for a weekend workshop, and $75 off for weeklong workshops.

Apply for a Scholarship by submitting a statement of need to or 252 Prospect St., Plainfield, MA 01070. (Please explain your financial need and why attending the workshop is important to you.) To be considered for a Scholarship, please apply at least one month in advance of the workshop.

Jam Scholarships

Give a scholarship donation! Help enable attendance to one of our workshops for someone who is financially prohibited.