Safety release

Latest revision: July 2014

Please be aware that you are responsible for your own safety during your stay at Earthdance. This includes your physical safety as well as your personal safety as it relates to personal boundaries.

Because of the kinetic nature of Contact Improvisation and other movement forms practiced at Earthdance, it is important to pay particular attention to preparing yourself for dancing and maintaining awareness of yourself and your environment while dancing.

It is the responsibility of each person to establish her/his own definition of personal boundaries within the context of Earthdance hosted events and to communicate his/her own personal boundaries either directly or with assistance. Earthdance encourages guests to ask for support if needed in defining or communicating their own boundaries.

Earthdance fosters a community environment where individuals younger than 18 are recognized as needing adult guardianship.  Guardians, who should be identified at the start of a jam, workshop or event, will assist and guide in situations in which young people’s safety may potentially be compromised or endangered.  

I am choosing to participate in this Earthdance sponsored event at 252 Prospect St. Plainfield, MA 01070 and agree to be responsible for my own safety, both physical and personal.  I understand that there is risk of injury in any movement practice.  I understand that I am responsible for defining and communicating my own personal boundaries, whether on my own or with assistance.  Earthdance, its staff, teachers, organizers, and owner of the property are not responsible for any injury or transgression to my person or belongings.