Earthdance offers a wide range of programming including movement practices, interdisciplinary and collaborative artmaking, and community events. Dance, embodied awareness, and movement forms including Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, many lineages and techniques of somatic practice (Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, Alexander Technique, and more) have been pillars of programming since the early years of Earthdance. 

Historically Earthdance runs programs year round with seasonal favorites. These programs take shape as weekend long workshops, seasonal contact improvisation jams, curated residencies such as IIAC, Emerge, CIGR, on some weekend afternoons and early evenings Hilltown and Valley community members may come for a live music and movement jam, followed by dinner, or may come for a work weekend, tending to the facilities and land, with plentiful time for dancing and sharing meals.

Longtime community member Penny Shultz occasionally offers community singing events and sometimes organizations and artists renting the facilities will offer short workshops and performances. 

Over the years Earthdance’s Artistic Directors and those supporting the curation of programs have hosted iconic dance makers and educators from all over the world in the dance and somatic field, including Deborah Hay, Donna Mejia, Sara Shelton Mann, Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Miguel Gutierrez, Andrew Harwood, Daniela Schwatz & Eckhart Muller, Nita Little, Karen Nelson, Ray Chung,

…who all do we want to name? What are the priorities of naming?

Calendar of Events

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