Monthly Giving Program (Earthdance Roots & Rocks)

Why become an Earthdance Root & Rock Monthly Donor?

  • You are serving as our roots & rocks of support that makes this place possible!
  • You are helping us to better live our vision of a vibrant, curious, and equitable society grounded in social justice, healthy community living, embodied movement, and ecological stewardship.
  • You are helping Earthdance to get more funding! (granters love to see steady stream of income from many donors)
  • Special Monthly Donor appreciation events throughout the year
  • Tax-deductible donation 

Sign up today to serve as Earthdance's rooted network of support!

To change the amount of your ongoing monthly donation, set up ACH (bank to bank) payment, or for additional questions, contact our Programming & Development Manager at or call (413) 634-5678

$5/month ($60/yr) helps us …

  • Give one person a partial scholarship to an Earthdance event
  • Buys 2 sets of new bed linens for our dorms

$10/month ($120/yr) helps us …

  • Buy/repair 1-2 hand tools for the year
  • Buy enough tea for one of our annual Jams

$25/month ($300/yr) helps us …

  • Buy a season’s worth of seeds & some starts for our garden
  • Buy snacks for one of our annual Jams

$50/month ($600/yr) helps us … 

  • Buy/repair one of our summer tent cabins/platforms
  • Buy a summer’s worth of local, organically grown kale

$100/month ($1,200/yr) helps us …

  • Helps us repair one big section of our Umbrella Barn Roof
  • Provide one anti-oppression training session for staff & board
  • Welcome to the Spirit Club! For donors that give a gift of $1,000 or more a year.

$250/month ($3,000/yr) helps us …

  • Bring one innovative workshop teacher to Earthdance
  • Welcome to the Spirit Club! For donors that give a gift of $1,000 or more a year.

When you become an Earthdance Root & Rock you enable us to …

  • Continue serving local and organic food
  • Grow our Social & Racial Justice Fund, which helps to provide …
    • Scholarships
    • Anti-oppression trainings for Board & Staff
    • Continued work with social justice consultants
  • Work on our structures, including …
    • Finishing building on our new tool shed
    • Repairing our Umbrella Barn Roof
  • Invest in new staff positions & support for staff
  • Grow our innovative programming …
    • Such as Delicious Movement, a Butoh workshop with Eiko Otake  and Political Movement, a workshop forging new connections between Somatics and Social Justice work this Fall
  • Continue to grow & support our garden

Thank you for supporting Earthdance!


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