Earthdance Staff and Long-Term Volunteers

Deirdre Morris
Executive Director

Deirdre Morris, Executive Director, Earthdance Creative Living is an educator and movement artist interested in socially just, equitable, and healthy environments for all living beings. She is a former director of Wise Fool New Mexico (physical theatre, circus, visual arts, 1999/2008, 2014/18) and is a working member of Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance (2010/present). Deirdre is the Founder/Director of The Forgotten Body Remembers, a site for research and implementation of somatic practices of education, social justice ecologies, and community development through the arts. Her work spans the mediums of mindful education, performance art reserarch, dance/theatre and site specific installations interested in the generation of 'reciprocal culture', bridging personal narratives and collective memory. 

Deirdre’s work has been most recently received at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM, Earthdance, MA Moving Arts Lab, St. Mary’s College, MD as Artist in Residence, IDOCDE at Impulstanz, Vienna, Austria, Artpolis/FemArt Festival, Pristina, Kosovo, TAM, Veliko Tărnovo, Bulgaria, Muszi, Budapest, Hungary as Artist In Residence. Deirdre presented and published her research into empathy based educational practices, 'Somatic Generosity: Cultivating Empathy in the Classroom and Beyond’, at the Latin American Social Innovation Network, Panama City, Panama in September 2017. 

Deirdre received her Masters in Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Dramatic Arts and Performance Studies from the University of California Davis in 2014. 

Roberta Wilmore
Rentals Coordinator

Roberta Wilmore has over 30 years of leadership, organizational, and business development experience in settings as diverse as real estate management, science & technology, and education. She is also passionate about supporting Creatives. Her work focuses on developing the capacity of individuals and teams to be courageous, liberated learners and leaders. While she has many titles over her professional career, multicultural leader, educator and learner best reflect who she is.

Raised in Pennsylvania, her father, a preeminent theologian, historian, and educator, gave her the gift of vision and perseverance. Her mother, her biggest mentor, taught her to push aside all self-limiting beliefs. Her message to all—be true to yourself; that which you love, you must spend your life doing. This has led her to take risks where others have not, to make unexpected connections among individuals, ideas and organizations, and to create new organizations and programs which reflect her beliefs and values.

A non-traditional educational journey, including international travel, extensive horse-womanship, and meditation, built her love of learning and her leadership style. Today, she laughs a lot. Roberta’s journey has shown her that happy people work harder and that work must not kill the human spirit.

Carl Sigmond
Operations Director Assistant and IT

Carl's first memory of Earthdance is of laying on our living room floor when he was six years old, probably before the wood stove was removed from the farmhouse. He grew up in Philadelphia but spent much time in Western Massachusetts as a child. After studying computer science, Quaker history, and documentary filmmaking at Haverford College, Carl moved to northern California to live and work at The Woolman Semester School and Sierra Friends Center, a Quaker education and retreat center in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It was at Sierra Friends Center that Carl rediscovered Contact Improvisation (CI). Speaking of his first jam, Carl recounts, "I instantly knew I was home." That jam started Carl on a deep dive into the CI community, a journey that eventually landed him at Earthdance. When not working, dancing, or eating Earthdance's delicious food, you can often find Carl writing computer programs, taking a walk down Prospect Street, or watching an episode of Democracy Now!

Kelsey Hobbs
Programming & Development Manager
Emily Cavin

Emily Cavin became a non-resident visitor/member of Earthdance in the Intentional Community days in 1989, and was a resident member from 1990 to 1992.  She contributed to the community by working on bookkeeping, among other tasks, including playing a small role in helping to build what is now 9 Mountain Retreat Center.  In the interim, she has stayed connected through her passion for joining in whenever Penny Schultz holds a Community Sing, and as a nearby neighbor, and even occasionally by participating in a workshop.  She studied performing arts in a conservatory program long ago in her college days, (very long ago!) and is currently a Hilltown Resident, Singer, Dancer as she is able, Gardener, and an Earth-Centered Spiritualist and Ritualist. She also designs, creates, and sometimes even sells, unique Sterling Silver Jewelry.  She has supported herself in all these endeavors by holding “day jobs” as a bookkeeper, and as of April 2017, brings those skills back to Earthdance…..because, Hey! – someone’s gotta do it!!  And it is a good place to be! 

Ali Skalli
Chef & Community Liaison
Victor Mistretta
Building & Grounds Assistant
Sam Gerdes
Office Manager
Daniel (Danbear) Davis
Interim Operations Director

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Caelum Massicotte
Kitchen Manager/Head Chef

Caelum is Earthdance's Kitchen Manager and one of our (as well as Nine Mountain's) extraordinary chefs. He applies his background in cooking with his family, in restaurants, and his Masters in Human Nutrition to empower guests to deepen connection their connection with healthy and sustainable food.

Kale specializes in meeting the needs of special diets with organic and seasonal food for intentional gatherings, festivals and retreats.

Lindsay Swan
Marketing Coordinator

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