Earthdance Staff

Spirit Joseph
Interim Executive Director

Spirit Joseph currently serves as Earthdance’s Interim Executive Director. He served as Earthdance's Board President from 2014-19, and Earthdance's Co-Executive Director from 2005-11. He holds an MBA from the Isenberg School of Management with a concentration in Finance. Spirit discovered Contact Improvisation in 2000. He dove deeply into the form, attending many jams and workshops for several years, then expanded his study to various forms of dance improvisation & somatic movement. He has performed with Dance Generators (multi-generational dance company, Northampton, MA) and Group Atness (improvisational dance collective which he co-founded). He’s interested in building more rigorous programming for Earthdance, continuing to improve the artist’s experience, and doing the internal work that enables an organization to mature and thrive. 

Jacqueline (Jax) Westhead
Operations Director

Jacqueline first came to Earthdance in 1992 and it changed her life. She has returned over the years to study, train and dance and is delighted to be back supporting Earthdance grow in new ways.

She is a facilitator, performer, and author with over 25 years of experience offering her workshops around the globe. She was a founding member of MASS Ensemble and a senior member of Jellyeye Drum Theatre in Chicago, performing and choreographing original work with them and individually for almost 2 decades. Her teaching is a blend of expressive movement, voice, mind body wisdom, awareness and witnessing practices that cultivates sustainable empowerment for the individual and collective. She is certified and/or trained in somatic movement therapy, dance (with a focus in CI and Butoh), meditation, counseling and sound healing. She has studied therapeutic modalities and world music with a wild assortment of teachers and wisdom keepers as well as touring with acclaimed musicians.

Jacqueline continues to travel and study to expand her understanding of humanity, her work, and the role it plays in our evolving world. She is motivated by the active exploration of awareness, curiosity and kindness and how these support us to dismantle oppressive systems. You can check out her book Touching the Invisible: A Field Guide for Living or visit her website to learn more.

Caelum Massicotte
Head Chef

Caelum is Earthdance's Head Chef and one of our (as well as Nine Mountain's) extraordinary chefs. He applies his background in cooking with his family, in restaurants, and his Masters in Human Nutrition to empower guests to deepen their connection with healthy and sustainable food.

Kale specializes in meeting the needs of special diets with organic and seasonal food for intentional gatherings, festivals and retreats.

Victor Mistretta
Building & Grounds Assistant
Emily Cavin

Emily Cavin became a non-resident visitor/member of Earthdance in the Intentional Community days in 1989, and was a resident member from 1990 to 1992.  She contributed to the community by working on bookkeeping, among other tasks, including playing a small role in helping to build what is now 9 Mountain Retreat Center.  In the interim, she has stayed connected through her passion for joining in whenever Penny Schultz holds a Community Sing, and as a nearby neighbor, and even occasionally by participating in a workshop.  She studied performing arts in a conservatory program long ago in her college days, (very long ago!) and is currently a Hilltown Resident, Singer, Dancer as she is able, Gardener, and an Earth-Centered Spiritualist and Ritualist. She also designs, creates, and sometimes even sells, unique Sterling Silver Jewelry.  She has supported herself in all these endeavors by holding “day jobs” as a bookkeeper, and as of April 2017, brings those skills back to Earthdance…..because, Hey! – someone’s gotta do it!!  And it is a good place to be!