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Amii LeGendre

I've been involved with Earthdance for 16 years as a community member, jam facilitator, and workshop teacher; I have 2 daughters who've been raised on annual Earthdance programming and community practice ("Earthdance kids are dynamite, you don't mess with dynamite! etc"). I've been involved in contemporary and improvisational dance forms for 25 years as a choreographer, performer, teacher, organizer, and learner. Some of my crucial learnings come from practices and teachers and friends I've encountered at Earthdance. 

I served as adjunct faculty member at Cornish College of the Arts (1998-2005) and Bard College (2010-2017). I taught with Bard Prison Initiative (BPI) and Rehabilitation Through the Arts (RTA), programs that host degree-bearing and performance-making experiences for incarcerated men. I've been a CI practitioner for 30 years, but I've also had love affairs with West African dance, tap, jazz, modern and post-modern dance, and I love letting those forms speak to one another in the blur of my body. I've recently stepped away from dance professionally in pursuit of social work, looking to mix research from a life of performance-making and movement practice with evidence-based therapies and justice work to support vulnerable families, especially those impacted by addiction, incarceration, and systemic exclusion. 

Meta Bobbe

As an improvisational dancer and somatic explorer, dance and community are vital parts of my existence and life experience.  I am a body therapist by trade, landscaper, traveller, and dedicated learner of movement.

Compared to many, I am a "newbie" to Earthdance and western Massachusetts- I arrived and dove in in 2017. I recognize the power, privilege and honor it is to be on this board, and am dedicated to serve and support Earthdance and its constituents as best I can.  A Bachelors in Business Administration: Management and Human Resources as well as 11 years living abroad, job experience in marketing, sales, and the service industry all influence the lense I view from on this board. 

Anne Bloom

I am a choreographer and performer of somatic dance and site specific pieces for over 20 years. As a Artist, Teacher, and  Licensed Massage Therapist; my work specializes in Dance as a Healing Art, an integration of modern dance, contact improvisation, authentic movement, somatic awareness, and nature. 
I am a Queer Jewish mother and producer of Queer events for over 12 years,  giving a post modern tilt to drag and burlesque. 
I also produce massage teams at festivals and private events, managing many people for extended days.
I bring knowledge of Real Estate into my framework as a Licensed Salesperson for over 7 years, currently operating Blooming Properties. I add knowledge of buildings, remodeling, rehabbing, selling, and investing to a sustainable viewpoint towards housing.
Lately my focus has been on practicing CDP and The Underscore, researching improvisation scores with a long-time colleague and visioning with Earthdance. I integrate my dance work with all the arts and the natural world around us. 

Levi Gershkowitz

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a compassionate, curious heart, Levi is a mover and a shaker in the world. In 2012 he founded Living in the Light, a company focused on storytelling as a means of demedicalization–raising the voices and experiential wisdom of people and families living with rare genetic diseases globally. Since then, he has gone on to lead a team of passionate artists, advocates and activists to bring this combined methodology of narrative medicine and patient advocacy to the forefront of the rare disease community. With a B.A. in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Keene State College, he is student of life’s shadows and a proponent of accountability, memory and ritual.  After over 10 years as an active Earthdance community member, in 2017, Levi became a neighbor, happily moving to Plainfield, MA and deepening his roots and commitment to Earthdance as a place now synonymous with home.  When he’s not traveling the globe, writing, photographing or community organizing, he can be found talking to trees and waterfalls or perfecting his sourdough waffle recipe.

Anna Vomacka

I am a Brooklyn based movement artist (dance maker / performance / educator; yoga teacher / practitioner). I am driven by my cravings for community, connection, and spaces of shared learning / (un)learning.  Living in a world of continual-curiosities, it is no surprise to me that I have found home in the world of improvisational forms. As a choreographer I make collaborative, structured, improvisational group works that explore inter & intra personal dynamics, live histories, intimacy and and recycling of movements, dancers, ideas, waste. As a performer I have worked with Nami Yamamoto, Lilianna Kane, Treeline Dance Works, & Mei Yamanaka, and have had the honor to perform the exquisite choreography of Trisha Brown while completely my B.F.A. at The Ohio State University. 
As a kid I attended, with my mother, several dance retreats that took place at Earthdance. In 2017, as a young adult I came back to Earthdance with a deep sense of curiosity and intrigue. Though I am a relatively newer ED community member, I am honored to be serving on the board.

Luke Anderson
Luke (he/him/his) has a background in civil engineering which helped him foster a respect for the importance of quantitative science in our external world and it's part in helping create an environmentally and socially healthy planet. In 2015 he left his structural engineering gig and took on the role of Executive Director of Toronto's StopGap Foundation, which he co-founded, working with communities across the country to raise awareness about the importance of accessibility, inclusion, and barrier free spaces. That same year he was introduced to the world of Contact Improvisation and soon developed a deep respect and interest in the somatic realms of our qualitative human experience. Luke identifies as someone living with a profound physical disability and uses a wheelchair to aid his mobility. Luke's lived experience working with and gaining wisdom from his own physical and emotional pain, encounters with systemic inequity for people with disabilities, and personal suffering fuels his desire to contribute to the well being of various communities including his role as a volunteer board member at Earthdance. Finding joy, weirdness, mystery, and massive amounts of hilarity are some of Luke's personal and professional daily intentions. Luke's movement practice at home and at jams incorporates a playful mix of his passions for dance, nonviolent communication, focusing, harmonica, and didgeridoo virtuosic aspirations.
Manjunan Gnanaratnam

Long aware of Earthdance but having only visited it for the first time in the fall of 2021 upon his appointment to the board or directors, Manjunan Gnanaratnam considers Earthdance critical to 21st century directions in dance, much like dance collectives Black Mountain College, Judson Dance Theatre, Grand Union and others of the past.  A product of the extensive multidisciplinary developments that occurred in 20th century modern dance, as a multi-instrumentalist, technologist & theorist, Manjunan Gnanaratnam follows the lineage established by Dance Musician Louis Horst, followed by John Cage, Pia Gilbert, Lucia Dlugoszewski, Robert Ellis Dunn, Katherine Teck and others through a maximum engagement format of a comprehensive symbiotic relationship with dance, engaging with, inspired by and contributing to all aspects of a relationship deeply rooted in movement vocabulary and sound.  With more than 10 evening length and over 70 individual compositions and numerous experimental sessions for/with modern, postmodern, contemporary and experimental dance, including playing for some of the leading choreographers in the US, he is the developer of The Open Source Dance Methodology, the APTAR Process, The John Cage Parallel, The Dunnist Period in Music etc and has presented, published and served as a panelist, on dance and music for NEA, NEFA, SEAMUS, MR, NDEO, NASD, SPARK, IGMID and others.  Conceived, born and raised in Sri Lanka by Tamil parents, he arrived in the US as an international student to attend college and with a professional career in the US now spanning almost 40 years, he is considered one of the leading thinkers on movement and sound and a pioneering, south asian, immigrant, musician for his work in modern, postmodern, contemporary and experimental dance.  Dance has given him much in his life for which he is extremely grateful and as he gives back to dance, he looks forward to serving on the board of directors of Earthdance and contributing to its evolving identity.