We are excited to invite you to join us virtually for an inaugural Town Hall meeting on Zoom. 

This will be a first focused gathering with our new executive director Daniel J. Hayes and it will be a space for him to present himself and share some of his vision for taking Earthdance forward. The board will also use the opportunity to update the community on where Earthdance stands as it navigates through the uncertain waters of the pandemic.

The board and Daniel will further speak to the themes of consent and safety during Earthdance and rental events and what steps are being taken to improve our skills and structures on those fronts. Also, it will be a place to acknowledge and give thanks to those people who have been holding the ship afloat this last year, some of whom are stepping back.We really hope you decide to join us to mark this hopeful new beginning.
Earthdance is seeking self-driven volunteers who are able to take direction and are enthusiastic about seeing projects to completion. Volunteers assist with work projects, events, facility and grounds cleaning and other tasks as needed. To learn more and receive an application, please email Contact@Earthdance.net.