Winter New Years Jam 2021

December 29, 2021 - 4:00pm to January 2, 2022 - 3:00pm

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Facilitated by Prema Kelley and Lani Nahele
with support from Rowan K. Ching, Taina Lyons, Michelle Huber, and others

Earthdance’s annual Winter Jam centers around the theme of darkness and light. With long patches of morning sun, luxurious warm-ups, lounging, packed saunas, fun in the snow, bonfires, and performances, the Winter Jam is particularly geared toward anyone looking to connect deeply with self and others through the extremes of Winter. 

Re-emerging after nearly 2 years of Covid, the Winter Jam this year will be limited to around 60 participants in addition to staff and facilitators.  Together we will practice CI, build connections, and continue to grow tools and awareness of Consent & Boundaries and Equity & Access as they overlap with contact improvisation and dance community.  During the event there will be workshop offerings engaging with these subjects.

BEFORE REGISTERING, Please note the following:

  • The Winter New Year’s Jam is 1 day shorter (Wednesday afternoon - Sunday afternoon) due to a variety of circumstances
  • The Jam will be a closed container with no single day options to attend
  • All participants will need to arrive during either of the specified arrival times (4-8pm Wednesday Dec 29th or 8-9:30am Thursday Dec 30th)
  • All participants need to attend the Opening Circle at 10:00am on Thursday, December 30th
  • The event is open to vaccinated people only. This does not include a requirement for any booster shots. (there will be the exception of a limited number of unvaccinated children)
  • Please understand that Earthdance cannot assist in transportation needs or requests of any kind.
  • Please read our Covid Protocols (A link to read full requirements is below) to understand what we are asking in regards to testing before your arrival, wearing a mask at arrival, testing at arrival and other responsibilities.


Find out more about: What to Expect at an Earthdance Seasonal Jam.

Earthdance's buildings are ADA accessible. More info here.


Arrival, Check In, and Opening Circle:

Participants need to arrive after 4:00pm and before 8:00pm on Wednesday, December 29th. Check-In and Welcoming will only be open from 4:00pm-8:00pm on Wednesday, and again from 8:00-9:30am on Thursday, December 30th. Opening Circle will be at 10:00am on Thursday. All participants must attend Opening Circle. 
You will need to wear your mask upon arrival and until you test negative on site.


Children at the Jam / Parents attending the Jam:

The Winter Jam is predominately an adult jam and does not offer specific spaces or activities for young people. For this Winter Jam, there is space for up to 5 children, aged 2 to 13 to attend. Young ones under 2 are free and separate from this cap. All spaces for children age 2 to 13 have been filled at this time. We're sorry. 

We also understand the complexity of childcare considerations for couples who may not be in a position to bring their children to the jam, and need to have one parent remain at home. In support of this we are able to make certain exceptions for the arrival of parents that wish to split their time at the jam where one parent arrives at the beginning and then departs midway for the other parent to then arrive. This option is not guaranteed and there may be limitations and the need for a lottery to accommodate. Please note that the same Covid protocols will be asked of you as is asked of all participants, this includes the lessening of social exposure, an invitation to test before arrival, and testing when you arrive. If interested in this option, please register and then email



Shared Participant Information:

In order to support safer spaces, all participant names will be shared with all other participants, in order to know in advance who will be attending the event. The final list of attendees will be shared several days in advance of the Jam. 


Our Fees Explained

Earthdance offers a wide range of sliding scale for participation in this event, please take a moment to reflect as you decide on where you best fit. 

Your level of contribution is self selected and does not need to be advocated for. However we invite you to remember this contribution is currency and we ask that you stretch where you are able so that those who cannot stretch as far of a financial distance may also have potential access to community events. As you choose your rate please consider the following factors:

  • Your access to income and wealth, as connected to family and partnership, both currently and anticipated in the future.
  • The historical, systemic impacts of wealth accrual based on culture, race and other intersection marginalizations for you and your family.
  • The regional ease of your attendance, while some community members can drive to Earthdance, others will need to consider tuition based on their ability to travel longer distances. 
  • Earthdance is a community and rental funded organization which recently, historically and uniquely through the Covid-19 pandemic has struggled to have viable income.
  • Please know that we have added the cost of Covid-19 Rapid Tests to the fee amounts for registration.


For folks who have access to wealth in the global context. Folks who may not need to work full time, or folks with access to generational wealth.
(This rate is newly created to advance Earthdance’s values for recognizing the complexity of capitalism and building resources for greater access for many)

For folks who are comfortable being able to meet all their basic needs and have expendable income. Those who are employed,  who own their home or pay a mortgage, those with access to healthcare, who can invest in their savings or retirement plans and afford to take a vacation.
(In the past this rate has been titled Professional, a rate that supports wealth and income growth for the organization and/or subsidize other jammers paying a lower rate; community care)

Folks who are fully employed, but may identify as working class. Folks who are meeting their basic needs, who may own or rent a home, and have a small margin of expendable income. Those who can pay the price which feels like the foundational exchange to Earthdance.
(In the past this rate has been titled Full, which may be thought of as “covering costs” with a small margin of additional income.)

For folks who are working class, under-employed, may have limited access to healthcare, or limitations to working full time. For folks who struggle to have expendable income and work to meet basic needs comfortably. For those who may be systemically disadvantaged. 
(In the past this rate has been titled Subsidized, this subsidized rate is made possible when other community member are able to pay higher on the tuition scale)

Economic access rate for those who are systemically disadvantaged, who do not or cannot own cars. Who have no or very limited access to expendable income, no access to savings, are under-employed, unemployed or unable to work, those who do not have guaranteed access to long-term secure housing.
(This rate is newly created to advance on Earthdance values for access in the complexity of capitalism, wage gaps, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the many historical and current factors that create barriers to wealth accumulation.)

Ages 2- 13

Scholarships are possible for people needing financial aid, and to BIPOC individuals. If you have any questions or concerns about cost, or if you cannot issue payment by credit card and need to pay by check or some other means, please email

(Updated fee structure and guidance written by Taja Will, with acknowledgement to BIPOC organizers, activists who are divesting in capitalism through radical access initiatives, and to those who work for wide ranges of economic access. To name one, Dr. Bayo Amkomolafe. Thank you.)



Housing Options

Earthdance Dormitory: The Gratitude Lodge (a.k.a. the Earthdance dorm) is Earthdance's main lodging facility, connected to the Farmhouse by a short wooded trail. The Gratitude Lodge includes an assortment of large and small rooms featuring dormitory-style bunks and beds (twin & queen size) and is included in the base Jam cost. Beds are available on a first come basis. 

Camping: $40 off (for brave snow people)

Nine Mountain Retreats Housing (the retreat center next door to Earthdance)

Nine Mountain shared-room space (5–8 roommates): $120/person additional to the jam rate. A lottery will be held on December 6th for those interested in this option. Actual beds are available on a first come basis for those accepted in the lottery.
Nine Mountain private room (limited availability): $300/total additional to the jam rate (available for 1 person, a couple, or family). A lottery will be held on December 3rd for those interested in this option.
Nine Mountain lodging includes bedding, towels, and hot tub usage.
If you would like to request a shared or private room at Nine Mountain, please email A lottery will be held for rooms at Nine Mountain. Thank you!


Cancellation Policy

Up to December 8th: Payment refunded, less a $35 fee (Full payment refunded if canceling for not receiving preferred housing option) 
December 9th - December 20th: Payment refunded, less a $75 fee
After December 20th: No refund available 
Note: If testing positive for COVID upon arrival, a full refund will be provided. If testing positive for COVID part way through the event and needing to leave, a proportional refund will be provided. 


Participant Community Support
As Earthdance Jams run as a​ community, all participants contribute to 2 work shifts (typically meal prep & cleans) and chores throughout the jam & workshop and will participate in a final house clean on Sunday, January 2. These are great ways to connect more with your fellow participants and Earthdance staff, and to feel more at home here. Your contributions to this collective caring of this space are invaluable!

Earthdance's Jam Guidelines
The Jam Guidelines have recently been updated! Please take the time to review them ahead of the event and we will engage with them together. 

Earthdance's Nudity Policy


Covid Structure

State guidelines have constantly shifted. We are choosing to hold this event while understanding there are inherent risks with any public event. We understand that everyone needs to make different personal choices for a variety of reasons about what type of event feels safe. The Winter Jam will be open only to fully vaccinated attendees. Below are the Covid related requirements for this event:

In advance:

  • Provide proof of vaccination when registering.
  • We invite you to take a PCR or rapid test 3 to 5 days in advance of the Jam, and to avoid situations which may involve enhanced risk of exposure. (Results do not need to be sent in.)
  • We ask that you NOT attend if you have any symptoms of illness. A full refund will be provided if you become sick or are exposed to someone with Covid.


On Site: 

  • Please wear a mask when arriving on site and until you have completed your rapid test at check in
  • All attendees will be required to take a rapid covid test when arriving on site and may remove masks after displaying a negative test. (provided by Earthdance) 
  • All attendees will be required to take a 2nd rapid covid test again ½ way through the Jam (again provided by Earthdance) 
  • Within the container of the weekend, the dance spaces and entire facility will be mask optional spaces, with masks not required, but optional for anyone who wants to wear one.
  • In the event that you become sick while on site, you will be required to leave Earthdance. You will be responsible for organizing your own means of departure so please consider this in advance. If you leave early due to illness, you will receive a prorated refund

Full Earthdance Covid Protocols for Events


This structure is subject to change in advance and during the event, depending on how conditions unfold.




**Please know there are several steps to the registration process. You will not be confirmed until you complete your payment.**
(You will first be asked to complete a google form, and you will then continue to the link for registration & payment.)