Winter 2019–20 Programs


Winter 2019–20 Programs

Cultivating Interrelationality

There are many rich offerings this Winter for deepening into the magic of connection and creation. See our Winter 2019–20 brochure.

Please Note: As we look to reduce the amount of our printing and distribute more of our materials online, we'll be sending our print 2020 brochures only to those who request it. Sign up to receive our print Winter 2019–20 brochure by mail!

Creator-In-Residence Performance with Stephanie Gottlob
November 27, 2019 7–9pm

Join us for a special evening of performance by Earthdance Creator-In-Residence (CIR) Stephanie Gottlob. This creative movement work will include live improvisational performance and somatic explorations based on her experiences living, improvising, exploring inner felt-senses, and creating within various Natural Biomes of North America (deciduous forest, freshwater lake, and arctic tundra).

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Gratitude Jam & Workshop Celebration
November 28–December 1, 2019

With Tim O'Donnell & Carly Czach
The Gratitude Jam & Workshop Celebration is an annual weekend gathering for sharing CI dances, harvest food, and the Earthdance land. We gather in the spirit of generosity and thanks to remember all who came before us and all who may come after.


Creator-In-Residence Performance with Prima Cristofalo
RESCHEDULED for December 13, 2019 5-7pm

Join us for a special evening of performance by Earthdance Creator-In-Residence (CIR) Prima Cristofalo. From half-fox, half-woman to corseted temptress, Prima Cristofalo uses “ballet burlesque” to tell two stories about a sex worker/artist caught in the labyrinth of criminalization/capitalism; but art and audacity win the day as she follows a trail of scattered garments to sweet liberation.

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Winter Jam (f.k.a. New Year's Jam)
December 27, 2019–January 1, 2020

Facilitated by Jovanina Pagano & Scotty Hardwig
One of Earthdance's biggest events of the year, the Winter Jam centers around the theme of darkness and light and fills every nook and cranny of Earthdance’s rooms and studios, bringing an intimacy and warmth to the sharing of Contact Improvisation (CI). With long patches of morning sun, luxurious warm-ups, lounging, packed saunas, fun in the snow, bonfires, and performances, the Winter Jam is particularly geared toward anyone looking to connect deeply with self and other through the extremes of Winter.

Spells of the Sensate: Authentic Movement & Action Theater
January 17–20, 2020

With Carolyn Shakti Sadeh & Cass Tunick
Authentic Movement and Action Theater invite movement as sensate experience. The body creates a doorway to feeling, expanded perception, play, and awareness. We witness/express the phenomenon of mercurial energetic currents from an embodied humanity, getting closer to wonder, compassion, and freedom.

Evening for the Senses
February 14, 2020 6–9pm

You're invited to a February 14th Earthdance Evening for the Senses, featuring an Ambrosial Dinner to awaken the senses; and a Voice Bath with Odeya Nini for finding resonance in the ears, body, heart, and soul. For individuals, couples, and families. No date required; dates welcome!

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Free The Resonant Voice!
February 14–16, 2020

With Odeya Nini

The voice is an instrument that radiates from the soul, resonates in the body, and is pure breath and touch. Harnessing the energy of the voice is a strength that is felt deep within ourselves and heard loudly outside of ourselves. Resonance is the act of reciprocating sound and creating vibration, an ability we all have with our voice.

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E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency 2020
February 24–March 8, 2020

Produced by Cory Neale, Sarah Young & Mira Treatman
The E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency is a two-week long creative residency at Earthdance. Performance and visual artists, activists, scholars, scientists, and more come together to explore methods of creation and collaborative decision-making. Through structures that allow for risk-taking and alternate methods for creation—horizontal organization, collective decision-making, cross-disciplinary collaboration, nonlinear process—E|MERGE provides a fertile space for pushing the boundaries of collaboration and leadership, undoing assumptions about creative processes, and exploring how creative practices transform our relationships.
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