Touch&Play 2020 – Stories of Rewilding and Resilience

Hosted by Touch&Play Project at Earthdance

July 7, 2020 - 5:00pm to July 12, 2020 - 3:00pm

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Teacher application form here (deadline extended to March 29)

At its heart Touch&Play is a vision for reclaiming the sacredness of the body in the face of societal oppression. We have the privilege and opportunity to imagine a new way of being that centers play, imagination, healing, and reconnection to ourselves our communities and nature. To arrive at these intentions there is much decolonizing of our bodies, minds and spirits to be done. As a community through collective un-taming and un-shaming we strive to bring about this co-liberation. With this year’s theme we welcome you to share your stories of rewilding and resilience through voice, body, dance, performance and the many somatic mediums we continue to nurture at our festival and in our lives...

We invite you to come home to this diverse community of dancers, somatic visionaries and embodied humans. This is a festival about play, vulnerability and building community rich in emotional, sensorial and erotic intelligence. This is a space to explore our personal, communal, and societal desires! What can dance, somatics, tantra, kink, contact improvisation, and communication practices contribute to our intimate be...longing? Come ready to cultivate, express, and feel your longings. Let’s get compassionate and curious about intimacy, sexuality, consent, emotions, gender, privilege, race, power dynamics and inclusivity.

There’s an emerging expansion of leadership in the U.S. to better include women, trans, non-binary, and people of color. There’s a growing community of people practicing new models of intimacy. We are shifting from an era of sexual abuse to an era of sexual liberation with accountability. What can we, a festival of dancers and movers, discover and contribute to these cultural shifts?

Registration opens April 15

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