Spring Equinox Jam 2020 (cancelled)

Facilitated by Funda Gul & Cecilia Fontanesi

March 19, 2020 - 5:00pm to March 22, 2020 - 3:00pm

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Spring Jam Update:
Earthdance has been closely monitoring news regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). The situation is evolving rapidly with new information available daily. At this point, when we are still early in the spread of the coronavirus, we have decided that it is best to cancel the Spring Jam. We struggled with this decision as we also see great value in offering a respite and opportunity for individuals to gather in community together, but ultimately felt that it was the best choice at this time of unknown. We greatly appreciate your continued support, care, and compassion during this time, and hope to see you on the dance floor in the future.


Earthdance’s annual Spring Equinox Jam is centered around research and renewal. As winter melts and gives way to spring, a cozy, curious, quiet atmosphere opens up for engaging in Contact Improvisation (CI) dancing and investigation. The Spring Jam averages 40–50 people, and is particularly geared toward anyone looking to explore Contact Improv for the first time or explore new layers of movement exploration in CI. Through focused dancing, light conversation, and creative exchange, the Spring Equinox Jam offers many opportunities for awakening and beginning.

2020 Theme:
“The practice of improvisation (...)
Is a rigorous mode of making oneself ready
For a range of potential situations.
It is an incessant preparation,
Grounded in the present while open
To the next moment’s possible actions and constraints.”
— Excerpt from “I want to be ready” by Danielle Goldman
Are you ready for the Equinox? Spring excites us all with the changes that take place. With the warm energy of the sun, nature is beginning its dance, while trees, grass, flowers, insects, and birds are welcoming us to this ecstatic season. Cecilia & Funda are bringing their passion and training in Contact Improv, Martial Arts, Acro, Yoga, and Parkour to this year’s Spring Jam. Their playful approach and knowledge in a variety of movement principles will lead us into a joyful and inclusive jam at the Equinox. Their collaborative teaching will help us access the skills of timing and readiness in the dance while connecting with one another with curiosity and kindness in a vibrant, energetic way. Come join us at this 2020 Spring Jam to share a collective intention toward being active, open-hearted, and welcoming.

If you have a desire to offer a discussion or event at the jam, please contact Cecilia & Funda at fontanesi.cecilia@gmail.com or funda.gul2004@gmail.com. We will encounter and join each other in communicating through dance, exploring new beginnings and pathways.

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Our Fees Explained
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During all Earthdance workshops and jams, participants contribute 1–2 shifts (typically Meal Cleans) and participate in a Final House Clean on Sunday. This is to enable a process of collective care for the space, where participants and staff work side-by-side to establish a shared sense of home. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to participate, please email contact@earthdance.net.

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Funda Gul is a Native of Ankara, Turkey. Funda has studied various movement disciplines beginning with Aikido in 2005 eventually earning her Black Belt. She then continued her movement journey and earned instructor certifications in Systema and Yoga. Funda teaches Contact Improvisation at Movement Research and continues her movement studies in House Dance, Parkour, Parcon, Authentic Movement, Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, Capoeira Angola, and Archery. Funda applies her martial arts skills into her movement teaching, in particular to Contact Improvisation. Her training in Yoga allows her to easily individualize the practice at hand according to students' needs and abilities. This approach helps Funda create an all-inclusive space for practicing movement. Also, her main inspiration for movement follows the idea of “Function creates the form,” the idea that she has discovered during her martial arts and yoga training. In addition to being a talented mover, Funda also holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Cecilia Fontanesi is a dancer, movement analyst (CMA), dance/movement therapist (R-DMT), and neuroscientist. She graduated from the Laban / Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS, New York) where she currently teaches as Core Faculty. Cecilia is also currently teaching for the Dance Department of Marymount Manhattan College as Adjunct Faculty while completing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience on Dance for Parkinson's at the Graduate Center (CUNY, New York). In 2015, she co-founded the collective of dancers Parcon NYC, dedicated to exploring the relationship with the environment through movement and social reflection. Since 2016, she works as a dance/movement therapist with people with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and other dementias. In 2017, she started serving as Artistic Director Associate for the IDACO (Italian DAnce COnnection) festival in NYC. www.overtimedancefoundation.org/cecilia-fontanesi. www.parconhub.com/parcon-nyc

photos © Anna M. Maynard (top), MP Nunan, Javier Gamboa (bottom)