Spring 2020 Programs


Spring 2020 Programs

Cultivating Interrelationality

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Spring Equinox Jam 2020
March 19–22, 2020

Facilitated by Funda Gul & Cecilia Fontanesi

Earthdance’s annual Spring Equinox Jam is centered around themes of research and renewal. As winter melts and gives way to spring, a cozy, curious, quiet atmosphere opens up for engaging in Contact Improvisation (CI) dancing and investigation. The Spring Jam averages 40–50 people, and is particularly geared toward anyone looking to explore Contact Improv for the first time or explore new layers of movement exploration in CI. Through focused dancing, light conversation, and creative exchange, the Spring Equinox Jam offers many opportunities for awakening and beginning.

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Consent Culture in Contact Improvisation SYMPOSIUM
April 16–19, 2020

With Kathleen Rea, Keith Hennessey, Leslie Heydon, Nicole Bindler, Richard Kim, Rythea Lee, Sasha Lasdon & Vivek Patel
Curated by Nicole Bindler, Deirdre Morris & Vivek Patel

A forum for CI teachers and committed practitioners to cross-pollinate ideas and strategies toward safer CI spaces

There have been many recent developments in the past few years around best practices for safer CI spaces. This three-day symposium gathers some of the innovators and thinkers around this topic to share their ideas, push the conversation forward, and further develop inclusive, consent-oriented CI pedagogy. We will grapple with hard questions around accountability, engaging in this work cross-culturally, and sustaining these endeavors for the long haul. We will emphasize community care and process over outcomes.

Apply by April 5th.
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Spring Work Weekend & Community Meeting 2020 (FREE)
May 8–10, 2020

Earthdance's annual Spring Work Weekend is one of two weekends a year where people from all walks of life come together to have a hand in the 'creative living project.' Gardening, cleaning, dancing, building, and eating side by side, community members pour their care into this shared home and create meaningful connections with each other, themselves, and the land.

Work parties take place all day Saturday and and Sunday. Saturday also includes Earthdance's Annual Community Meeting where we share news and updates about Earthdance's finances, programming, buildings & grounds, and more. We invite those who have a long history with Earthdance, those who have never visited before, and all those in between.

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Forces of Nature: A Six Viewpoints Performance Intensive
May 15–19, 2020

With Deborah Black & Sophia Treanor

Currently we are facing a climate emergency. Many of us experience the effects of this subconsciously and through our bodies, in experiences that include anxiety, numbness, and despair. Many of us ask ourselves over and over what can be done. Taking inspiration from grassroots social justice movements, we will aim to listen to the way that the earth speaks for herself and offer our consciousness as an observer to the rich dialogue between the forces of nature that surround us. Using the Viewpoints as a framework of discrete options for perceptual orientation, we will open our practice up from the studio and out into the natural world and ask the question: how does our perception of our environment alter our consciousness and actions? Your questions that arise from a deep listening to our surroundings in the Berkshire hills will become material for performance making. Your presence in front of an audience is a reciprocal invitation to come into feeling and connection with yourself and with all that surrounds us. You will become a participant with the forces of nature, an original anarchist.

Early Bird ends April 3rd.
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Tree Land Sky: Site-Responsive Improvisation & Collaboration
May 21–25, 2020

With Esther Baker-Tarpaga & Deirdre Morris
‘Site-responsive’ encapsulates our research of how embodied experience shifts with the spaces our bodies and imaginations encounter. Through this research, we develop our own language of understanding (of trees, land, skies, etc.) along with choreographic tools for creating performative responses to site. Throughout the workshop we will center joy and creative process. We will tap into all our senses to actively listen and explore the environment. Through the week, participants will create installations and collaborative dances to share at a community performance.
Early Bird ends April 9th.
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Queer CI Lab & Jam 2020
May 28–31, 2020

Facilitated by Kristin Horrigan & Paul Singh

Celebrate, re-imagine, and queer Contact Improvisation (CI)! The Queer CI Lab & Jam aims to explore queer experience and thought through the practice of CI in movement, dialogue, workshops, and jamming. In this queer container, we create time and space for queer voices to be heard and for queer folks to explore ideas around movement and embodiment. We offer classes that dive deep into the CI experience, developing our practice of Contact Improvisation as a common language to connect and converse. In lab sessions, we create questions and seek answers, dance, discover, fail, witness, and discuss. In jams, we move with our questions, practice our CI skills, and grow our awareness of each other’s unique abilities. Come dance!
Early Bird ends April 16th.
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Special May Discounts

Forces of Nature and Tree Land Sky together create a dialogue for embodied creative practice that supports imagination and perception in unique performative ways. Experience an integration of these two approaches to performance across a full 8 day immersion. Sign up for both workshops and get 10% off!

Sign up for both workshops as well as the Queer CI Lab & Jam 2020 and get 15% off. Email contact@earthdance.net to take advantage of these offers.