E|MERGE 2015

E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency


E|MERGE 2015 

E|MERGE 2015, February 15 - March 1, has brought together 27 collaborators-in-residence from throughout the United States, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, England, and beyond to be part of this interdisciplinary collaboration at Earthdance. Their research, spanning across multiple disciplines including film, ecology, theater, social justice, dance, anthropology, music, poetry, psychology, video, education, and drag, has ventured into the unknown, discovering new models of co-creation.

The residency culminates in a weekend of public performances, talks, shared creative practices, and exhibitions taking place Thursday, February 26th at 7pm, and Saturday, February 28th at 4pm and 8pm. Learn more about the projects here and join us for E|MERGE Presents to see the results of this ground-breaking work!

E|MERGE 2015 is curated by: Memo, Shelley Etkin, Sandie Luna, Latasha Wright, Sarah Young
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This year's group projects are:


I Remember You As...

Project Leaders: Aaron Finbloom and Michelle Bentsman

Collaborators: Azya Barron, Carlos Castilian, Holly Timpener, and Utam Moses

We are memory peddlers, here to give rise to your past.  Reflect in our reminiscing room, let us engage you in a small interaction, and join us for an improvisational performance in which we swirl together that which once was, is and will be.



The Conspire Project: Restoring Justice, Remembering Wholeness

Project Leader: Miakoda Taylor

Collaborators: Emelia Martinez Brumbaugh, Hanna Satterlee, Levana Prud’homme, Matthew Weisberg, Randy Reyes, Sol Arechiga Mantilla

The Conspire Project brings together diverse hearts, minds, perspectives, and creative mediums to collectively heal historical harm. We will be embodying and sharing practices informed by Fierce Allies that foster deep partnerships across divides of power and privilege.




Collaborative Pool: Aaron Jeffrey, Laura Burns, Maré Hieronimus, N. Eda Ercin, Qween Amor, Rebecca Lloyd-Jones

How do we respond to place – its elements, matter, density, lightness, weather, history and ancestry? How do we respond to each other, our bodies, gender and identities? What holds us together? What dissipates us? How does weaving ritual and shared journeys create and illuminate experiential practice? These are the questions we investigated collectively and individually, culminating in our performance.



ICE Dreams; Sublimations

Collaborators: Maya Apfelbaum and Mara Mayer

Maya Apflebaum and Mara Mayer are co-creators of ICE Dreams; Sublimations, an interdisciplinary collaborative installation and performance piece. On Thursday they will present an installation including sound, video, and found objects. On Saturday these elements will combine in a live performance art piece. ICE Dreams; Sublimations deals with humanity's contrasting relationships with nature:  nature as a threat to be reckoned with versus a comforting cocoon of protection from what can be the most threatening force on our planet (humanity itself). Their piece also addresses the duality contained within each member of society.


This year’s solo projects are:


A Brick and a Stick: Part II

Ali Skali

This project is an extension of a solo piece entitled “A Stick and a Brick,” which emerged at Bates Dance Festival in 2012. Simple images, object exploration, montage and storyboarding serve as the foundations for my exploration of meaning in relation to community and place. The mosaic merges iconic cultural & political references, intertwining past, present and future. At its heart is the practice of improvisation, grounded & inspired by my time on Earth and living at Earthdance.



Title: [… … … ]

Bronwyn Preece

Meet in the Cloak Room. Outdoors. Location Unknown. One Body Asking Questions: Answering the Invitations of the Moment…improvising.




CJ Holm

A movement meditation on light, time, seasons, and the sacred. First, an outdoor performance, then a workshop to share the practice.




Cory Neale

With collaborative help from: Mara Mayer, Maré Heironimus, Bronwyn Preece, CJ Holm, Matthew Weisberg, Maya Apfelbaum, Ali Skalli, Nazlihan Eda Ercin, Azya Barron, Jake Wise, Shelley Etkin, and Memo


JANUS is a contemporary experiment in collaborative scoring and improvisation. The concept is based on the Roman god of doorways and passages, who sees the past, present, and future simultaneously. In this experiment, the musicians were asked to participate in activities that would harken their own experiences of past, present, and future, and harness them to inform improvisational performances.

The process was introduced by a reflective session in which the participants were asked to meditate on the significant persons, places, and things that led them there to that moment in time, those that fed their musical curiosity or opened a doorway for them musically in some way.

The participant performed a recorded improvisation which after which the participant proceeded to the final stage which was the introduction of chance, representing possibilities for the future. Each participant rolled a pair of dice three times, and the value of each dice was recorded and used to generate the random data used to generate such things as prerecorded score order and performer label.

The dice rolls will be used as randomly generated data to trigger accumulation of performers and then, at some point, decumulation. Some players may not get called, some may be required to improvise for long stretches. The game ends after the decumulation process executes its final dice roll. There may be four players remaining, two players, or none. In the end, this project hopes to demonstrate the use of game and chance as a determinate factor driving collaboration, with respect to our own past, present, and future, and the individual journey we take in relation to those who have influenced us.