Personal Retreats

Come to Earthdance for a self-directed personal retreat.

Renew your sense of connection to yourself and the land! Come alone, with friends or family for a Personal Retreat at Earthdance. Accommodations include lodging in our dormitory-style Gratitude Lodge located just a two-minute walk from the Earthdance Farmhouse. For meals you will have access to our kitchen, garden, and pantry ingredients. Dependent upon the timing of your retreat, your meals may be prepared by our talented chef and staff! Come move and dance in any of our three dance studios; eat in the sunporch overlooking the garden, bake bread in our earthen oven, relax in the wood-fired sauna, and swim in the wooded quarry. You will have ample opportunity to play, dance, rest, rejuvenate, learn, study, and explore.



Personal Retreat Room Fees




Post-Jam or Workshop (Includes dinner and breakfast: 1 night only)


(personal tent)




ED Cabin Tents




Dorm Room

(shared space)




Private Room-single
(1 person)




Private Room-double
(2 people)




*Children under 10 years of age are $25/day for personal retreats if staying in a dorm bed

Food for Personal Retreat

Eating Earthdance Food: $30/day (You will be cooking & cleaning for yourself during your retreat, using Earthdance's food, supplies and kitchen. If it happens to be during a program, your food will be prepared by our cooks.)

*Children under 4yrs are not charged for meals, 5-10yrs $5/meal

Personal retreats are subject to availability. For more information contact our Office Manager at or call 413.634.5678.

EDX points and Earthdance discount codes are eligible for Personal Retreat fees.

*photo by Cathy Caraker