Queer CI Lab & Jam 2020

Facilitated by Kristin Horrigan (second facilitator TBC)

May 22, 2020 - 5:00pm to May 25, 2020 - 3:00pm

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Celebrate, re-imagine, and queer Contact Improvisation (CI)! The Queer CI Lab & Jam aims to explore queer experience and thought through the practice of CI in movement, dialogue, workshops, and jamming. In this queer container, we create time and space for queer voices to be heard and for queer folks to explore ideas around movement and embodiment. We offer classes that dive deep into the CI experience, developing our practice of Contact Improvisation as a common language to connect and converse. In lab sessions, we create questions and seek answers, dance, discover, fail, witness, and discuss. In jams, we move with our questions, practice our CI skills, and grow our awareness of each other’s unique abilities. Come dance!

For anyone who identifies as Queer, Trans, Lesbian, Pansexual, Gay, Asexual, Nonbinary, Two-Spirit, Agender, etc. No prior experience necessary.

The Queer CI Lab & Jam 2020 is immediately preceded by Forces of Nature: A Six Viewpoints Performance Intensive (May 14–18) and  Tree Land Sky: Site-Responsive Improvisation & Collaboration (May 18–22)Sign up for both workshops as well as the Queer CI Lab & Jam 2020 and get 15% off! Email contact@earthdance.net to take advantage of this offer.

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Kristin Horrigan has been questioning gender for more than 20 years and dancing Contact Improvisation for nearly as long. The two explorations have been deeply bound together. In recent years, Kristin has been creating workshops and events that help CI dancers unpack the conscious and unconscious ideas about gender that live in their bodies and come out to play in their dancing. Begun as an exploration of the queer potential of CI as a gender-fluid dance, her research unearths the habits and histories that limit us to gendered stories in our dancing and queers our potential for embodiment and expression in CI. Kristin has also been involved in creating CI spaces for queer-identified folks, as an alternative for those who feel unsafe or unwelcome in the atmosphere of heteronormativity present in some mainstream jams. A CI teacher since 2001, Kristin has taught and performed CI around the USA, as well as in various places in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Australia, and Argentina. Kristin’s CI teaching explores pedagogy that preserves the accessibility of CI for people of all body types and abilities, the skill of being interested in the moment, and the relationships between play and composition in CI. A professor of Dance and Gender Studies at Marlboro College, Kristin directs a curriculum that is oriented towards social justice, creative process, critical thinking, and interdisciplinarity. Kristin also holds an MFA in Choreography from Ohio State University, and works as a community-based artist, drawing together untrained and trained dancers to collaborate around issues of mutual interest or concern.


photos © Kikuye Sugiyama, featuring Spirit Joseph (bottom)