Romain Bigé

Romain Bigé is a philosophy teacher, contact improviser and dance scholar based in Paris, France. A recepient of the agrégation of philosophy, he is currently pursuing a PhD in the École Normale supérieure Contact Improvisation (Sharing Movement. A Philosophy of Gestures), for which he received an ENS Fellowship (2013) and a Fulbright grant (2017). Since 2013, he has been teaching a philosophy of art and gestures class in Paris-Science-Lettres University and pursuing his dance training in the US and in Europe with choreographers and improvisers including Lisa Nelson, Nancy Stark Smith, Matthieu Gaudeau, Joaõ Fiadeiro. As a dramaturg, he has been supporting the work of Czech stage director Linda Dušková for the past four years, and as a performer, he has collaborated with Myriam Lefkowitz, Chris Aiken, Boris Charmatz. He is interested in the way movement practices shape sensory cartographies and give way to original modes of relating to others.