Romain Bigé

Romain Bigé is a dancer, philosophy teacher and dance scholar based in Paris, France. An agrégé of philosophy, he is currently pursuing a PhD in the École Normale supérieure on the Poetics of Contact Improvisation and the concept of movement in contemporary French philosophy (bergsonism and phenomenology). He is interested in the way movement practices shape sensory cartographies and give way to original modes of relating to others.

He has intensively been exploring Contact Improvisation since 2012, throughout the US and Europe, but mostly in Paris where he co-founded L’oeil et la main (, a CI collective which hosts Paris annual Contact festival (RiCI). He is also part of me-lieu, an all-male improvisational and site-speci c dance collective based in Paris. Lisa Nelson, Nancy Stark Smith, Matthieu Gaudeau, Joerg Hassman were and are his main in uences, along with Steve Paxton whom he had the chance to spend talking time with while researching the archives of CI in the US.

He teaches an annual Philosophy of Art class in PSL* Research University (ENS-Henri IV), proposing to bridge the practices and works of art with contemporary philosophies. With Asaf Bachrach, he collaborates to the ICI Project –aka From Joint Improvisation to Interaction– a CNRS laboratory on neuroscience and danced improvisation (more info on He also teaches philosophy classes to dancers at the National Conservatory of Dance and has developed a quarterly contact & philosophy workshops series in collaboration with Matthieu Gaudeau.