Mark Ettinger

Comprehensivist, composer, conductor, singer, teacher and multi-instrumentalist, Mark’s played piano with Bo Diddley, sung with The Bobs, conducted the Cincinnati Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, taught at the Mannes College of Music, toured the world juggling and making music and silly with the Flying Karamazov Brothers, and as their music director wrote for half a dozen of their shows. He currently resides on an island off the coast of America, making community and music at the Lethe Lounge, a recording studio/salon concert space on the upper west side he built with lots of sweet help.  He free lances in NYC and sings with Moving Star, a vocal improve group in residence at Carnegie Hall. He has released three singer/songwriter albums: In This World, Songbirds of Tralfamador; and “humming towards the sublime”. He has been brewing his own brand of Neo-humanist death-defying folk-blues for years now, learning his trade as a youth in the bars and clubs of New York’s downtown scene. He has played with such characters as Chris Whitley, Bo Diddley, and Allen Ginsberg, and with NYC bands Joey Miserable and the Worms, The Five Chinese Brothers, Barbeque Bob and the Spareribs, Mumbo Gumbo, and The Surreal McCoys and others.  In the northwest, he has performed with Leftover Salmon, Faith Petric, Jim Page, Baby Gramps, PK Dwyer, Artis the Spoonman, and The Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Band/Orchestra.  He is the Leader of The Naked Truth, house band for the Burlesque shows of Seattle’s Moisture Festival.  His chamber opera The Triangle, based on texts by W.B.Yeats, was produced in 2005, and his score to Coming, Aphrodite (2009, La Mama) was nominated for an IT award.  

When not dancing, he loves to play for the dance, delighting in crafting a spontaneous score in resonance with the real time eddies and currents in the room; he’ll bring cello, electric guitar, trombone, analog synth, melodica, voice; and might play them. He continues to search inside and out for songs of enlightenment and hopes to get a little further down the path before the lights go out.  He thanks his teachers for so much.  He loves his family toasters mice elmleaves loons cathedrals words roses friends walking sunrise the dhamma.