Lolita Espin Anadon

Lolita Espin Anadon was trained in contemporary dance in Caen, with Isabelle Durand, Sylvie Kukla, Claude Béatrix, and in ballet with Michèle Latin, and with Marie Laure Spéri at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen and with Jacky Auvray company.  After obtaining her baccalaureate cinema-theatre in 1998 and BA in Philosophy in Caen, she was enrolled at the CESMD (Centre d’études supérieures de musique et de danse).  She was introduced to Contact Improvisation in 2001 with Claire Filmon and has studied with Nancy Stark Smith (USA), Patricia Kuypers (B), K.J Holmes (USA) and Catherine Lessard (Canada). She obtained her State Diploma for teaching dance in 2003, and since then has led workshops in contemporary dance, dance outdoors, improvisation and contact improvisation for groups of children in schools, and for professional and non-professional dancers.  Since 2004, she's been developing her own choreographic projects, Compagnie Ecorpsabulle.  Basing her research on the notion of LINK, she develops a range of movements using and questioning the weight of the body, contact and falling.  She's currently working on a choreographic piece called Point de Contact (Zone d'appui provisoire), a project in duet about attraction and repulsion.