John Leo

John Leo won the Gold Medal in the 2008 New York Clown Olympics for wiggling his little butt and bribing the judge. Before that, he lived in Juneau, Alaska for seven years where he Burlesqued brazenly and Clowned bashfully. Before THAT, Mr. Leo graduated from Sue Morrison's Clown Through Mask, Dell 'Arte School of Physical Theatre ('99), Bard College (BA Drama/Dance '97) and Juniper Hill Elementary School where he squeaked out  "Fiiiive <voice crack> Golden Riiiings" in his first (of a looong line of) embarrassing performances.  No worries, though.  Mr. Leo's humiliations have won him Best of SF Fringe 2003 and Best Comedy of the SF Fringe 2008 (Peg-sss-us).  He has toured all over North America with his OneManOneChihuahaua Clown Show Number's Up!; Mexico (2004) and Guatemala (April 2010) with Clowns Without Borders and is currently a "pediatric clown doctor" with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit in NYC area hospitals. Mr. Leo also teaches Clown to med students (Big Apple Circus' Flip-Side of the Charts), to hippies (Earthdance) and to little monsters at LEAP.  He curates tinydangerousfun! (Ditmas Park, BK) and collaborates with Falconworks (Red Hook, BK), and Jay Dunn.