Jason Cohen

Jason Cohen plays the Hang drum, accordion, keyboards, and other percussion. Creator of Forestdance, Sacred World Interdependence Day, and founder of Unifier Festival, he has experienced and facilitated numerous healing and expressive arts rituals around the world. He plays for sacred ceremonies during all night rites, often till dawn. Whether in the red woods, the Yucatan, Costa Rica, Maui, or in his home state of Massachusetts, his improvisations flow and inspire the dance and total bliss in all who listen. Jason often is composing and performing with his musical projects Incus and Sacred Side Project, or directing events for the heARTbeat Collective. His latest endeavor Unifier Festival is a transformational healing and expressive arts festival with a mission that includes bringing people together to create a community owned Land Trust. Jason is a community organizer deeply committed to creating spaces where people can become empowered and inspired. Jason has held ceremonial space and studied with many blessed teachers, including Suzanne Rancourt (Abenaki Bear Clan), Mandaza Kandemwa (Shona), Malidoma Some (Dagara), and Starhawk, and takes much of his inspiration from his humble and direct connections to nature and his ancestors.