Divyamaan Sahoo

Divyamaan Sahoo, from Kolkata, India, recently graduated from Bates College with a triple major in mathematics, music composition, and philosophy. He is a member of the intermedia improvisational unit BLURB, directed by virtuoso guitarist Arthur Kampela, and is the co-founder of the improvisational ensemble Eagle Stick , described by the Lewiston Sun Journal as “hard to pin down”. Sahoo served as resident musician for Bearnstow (2017), dance accompanist for Bates and Bowdoin Colleges (fall semester), and resident composer at Incubating 001, hosted by Arts Incubator, Seoul, South Korea (2017). He is currently working as dance accompanist for University of Massachusetts, Amherst (winter semester), in addition to touring Sandglass Theater’s “Babylon” as a puppeteer.