Charlie Shew

Charlie Shew grew up in Ithaca NY and was heavily influenced by its fertile
music scene in the late 60s and early 70s. Learning drums and bass at the
age of 12 and starting in bands by 13, Charlie quickly realized that he had
found his calling.

As a multi­instumentalist, Charlie has held down different musical duties over
the years on drumset, percussion, bass, guitar, keyboards and some horns.
He has studied African and Latin rhythms extensively and is well versed in many styles on both bass and guitar.

Charlie played with several name bands in the 1970s and 1980s, including
two years with Orleans (hits include "Still The One", "Dance With Me", etc.),
a year with Mick Ronson (guitarist for David Bowie) and a year with Robbie
Dupree (hits include "Steal Away" & "Hot Rod Hearts"). Charlie also worked
on the soundtrack of the Michael Mann TV show "Crime Story" with Todd Rundgren in the 80s.

He has been performing with Samite Of Uganda ( for over
12 years and continues to stay active in the live performing and composing/recording world. Charlie currently resides in Western Massachusetts, where he has connected with the dance community, and been a featured musician at both Mandala Dance and Dance Spirit.