Amy Rose

Amy Rose plays flute, piano or accordion (no, not all at the same time!), and teaches for a living. In addition to various freelance gigs, her main gigs are with Klezamir, with the house band at Temple Beth El in Springfield, and with the flute/piano and guitar duo Dream Street with Zack Danziger. Amy is the pianist, flutist, accordionist, manager and founder (in 1986!) of Klezamir, a klezmer band playing Jewish music, jazz, rock, and a variety of other styles. Amy enjoys playing many styles of music and some of her other musical projects have been with the Rosewood Duo (classical flute and guitarist Michael Nix), MarKamusic (Andean, funk and Latin jazz), and Donna Lee (country). She has a Bachelor of Music from the University of Michigan, certifications in Orff, Suzuki, and Music Education from UMass, and five self published recordings – four with Klezamir and one of solo piano music. 413-253-3831 or