Amanda Turk

Amanda Turk grew up in a very musical family and was exposed to drumming at an early age by her father who was a kit drummer. But it wasn't until she met her current teacher, Raquy, and picked up a dumbek in 2006 that she found her true musical calling. Since then Amanda has immersed herself in Middle Eastern percussion under the guidance of contemporary percussion masters Raquy Danziger (Brooklyn) and Bunyamin Olguncan (Istanbul). Amanda has traveled to Turkey and Egypt to delve deeper into a style of dumbek called the Turkish Split Hand Technique and applies these principles to frame drum, riq, and handpan as well. She is passionate about spreading awareness of this unique flavor of music and infusing the many voices and artfulness of these instruments into different community events such as dance classes, Kirtans, jams, and festivals. When her hands are not on a drum, Amanda nurtures her passion for bodywork with her successful, fifteen-year practice in Northampton, MA.