E|MERGE 2013

E|MERGE Interdisciplinary Collaborative Residency

E|MERGE encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration toward forging new creative relationships that bridge known and unknown territories.

E|MERGE brings together 30-40 artists of multiple disciplines for a ground-breaking, collaborative residency that successfully builds a dynamic and powerful interdisciplinary artist network: part think-tank, part lab, part workshop, part performance festival.

2013's E|MERGE was curated by Daniel Bear Davis, Krista DeNio, Karen Bernard and Julia Handschuh

2013's Projects and Artists-in-Residence were:

CINEMATIKA: Epiphanarie

The starting point/synopsis of the project will be the following:  A Myth:  In the metaphysical/metaphoric landscape of the collective super-consciousness - The Epiphanarie - an "Idea" is born - AYDEA. In order for her to fully realize existence of self, she must make her way through three levels of tests - Mind, Body, Spirit.   If the tests are "Learned" by Aydea, she can Ascendescend to the earthly consciousness and be made real. 
Project Lead: Michael Pope
Collaborators: Elizabeth Bergman, Leanne Dyer, Gregor Kramer, Memo, Cory Neale & Maya Urbanowitz

You & Me

A multidisciplinary collaborative performance that engages both the performers and guests in “one on one” performance installations in over 10 site- specific locations creating a non –traditional inside look into art, intimacy, and performance.

Project Lead: Tara Rynders
Collaborators: Joan Schwartz, Mariel Berger, Kelsey Hobbs, Laurel Koop, Elizabeth MacKinnon
Stephanie Trotter, Shira Lynn

First Cousin

First Cousin examines the interface of somatics, families of origin and the imaginary.
Project Leads: Samina Bazai, Anna Sophie Malmberg, Saliq Savage
Collaborators: Cory Neale, Nicole Nigro, Thea Patterson

Of Limb & Language

Of Limb & Language is a performance project that confronts the limits of language with sensation in the body, a piece in which a group of people dance, wrestle, and play with words to what find out what it means to mean something.
Project Lead: Miriam Wolodarski

Collaborators: Leslie Castellano-Howabauten, Rosemary Hannon, Andy Lundberg, Kevin Oackery




Collaborative Pool

The Collaborative Pool is a non-hierarchical group that explores collective process and designs the content of their work together during the residency. Artists are put in touch with each other prior to the residency to begin dreaming and scheming about common threads and possible directions.
Collaborators: Simon Hanukai, CJ Holm, Meara McGinniss, Catherine Mueller, Phoebe Osborne, Audrey Beth Stein, Lexa Walsh and Nyx Zierhut