Planet JWOW Intrommersion Weekend at Earth Dance

In this event, you’ll work directly with JWoW. to uplevel your ability to adapt to circumstances AND approach personal and environmental safety in an inclusionary and empowering way.

  • Thursday Night: Pajama Jammy Jam through PLANET JWoW’s Temple of the Dancing Roots
  • DAY 2:  Introductions to C.H.A.N.G.E. Matrix: Compost stressors into strengths that fuel a joyful resilience. Learn to adapt with greater ease — to dance with the rhythms of life – and to respond with mindful intention to surprises when faced with safety and/or danger.
  • DAY 3:  Introductions to Being and Feeling Safe: For Beings in Tribalized Movement Cultures – We’ll explore multiple ways to notice where safety can be lost; where danger can be mitigated; and what you can do to effectively support official procedures and policies, anywhere.
  • DAY 4:  Introductions to Being and Feeling Safe: For Gathering / Summit / Conference Organizers and Tribal Leaders – We’ll address shared concerns applicable across diverse gatherings in mainstream, marginalized, mountain/movement, and majickal communities. We’ll explore pillars and nuances of creating safer containers so that participants can more fully ease into experiences we’re all offering.