Fall Jam with Kellyn Jackson and Hawley Brett + Post Jam Lab 2023

Join us this fall to nourish ourselves with our CI practice. As nature transitions towards its resting season, let us too find ways to release, reflect, and rejuvenate. What does it take to find ease and enjoyment at an extended contact improvisation jam? To gather in a community of people, some we know well, some who are strangers, and engage in a practice centered around physical touch? How can we create a container that can respond to potentially competing needs?

The answer is in the practice itself! At this jam we will connect the wisdom of CI to more broadly applicable skills, especially those that focus on self- and community-care. “Resourcing” is a main theme of this jam. What do you need to be well resourced? What do we need as a community in order to be well resourced?

Tune into your nervous system’s needs and wants, moving on your own body time, in an environment built for differing needs, from quiet space for rest to padded areas for high-intensity dancing. We hope this will foster a supportive space for taking care of our varying needs, following our embodiment, and nurturing ourselves, both individually and collectively. MORE INFORMATION. 


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