Breathwork Journey Workshop and CI Jam

Liberate your true nature and core connection to wellness through the brilliant power of breath. An active, heart-centered and body-informed meditation, breathwork invokes an ecstatic experience that strengthens your connection to the part of you that knows how to heal, beneath any patterns and chronically held tension in the body. Breathwork is an integration of body-mind-heart-spirit experiences that has the potential to radically transform your life in just a single session. It is a journey to a state of elevated consciousness, revelatory experience, somatic awareness, and energy attunement. More Information





  • Breathwork Journey Workshop (6pm to 8pm) + CI Jam (8:30 - 11pm): $40 - $70 sliding scale
  • Breathwork Journey Workshop only (6pm to 8pm): $30 - $60 sliding scale
  • Jam only (8:30 to 11pm): $10 - $40 sliding scale
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