An Introduction Evening to Mask Work with Akil Apollo Davis

We’re thrilled to introduce a new collaborator who brings one of the most unique, powerful, and magical forms of Mask Work to the spotlight: Akil Apollo Davis. He’s one of only three Master teachers of The Brahe-Davis Method of Mask in the world. Masks have always held an intricate connection to the depths of the human psyche, a tangible bridge to archetypal images and centers that are within us all.

As we embark on this collaboration with Akil Apollo Davis, we’re excited to offer a special opportunity for both the Earthdance (ED) community and the local community to explore this groundbreaking work. This introduction evening to Mask Work won’t just prepare you for upcoming classes; it will also reshape the way you see yourself, your body, your understanding of images, our cultural influences, and your potential to transform.




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